Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Sept. 14, 2007)

The Advocate‘s current
celebrates "40 Years, 40 Heroes," with a cover that asks,
"Who’s number 1?" Hmm, I wonder … (Hint: Our website is not called for nothing.)

Other entertainment-related lesbian and bi women who made the list include
all the usual first-namers: Rosie, Martina, Billie Jean, Melissa, etc.

Speaking of Ellen, something must be in the water at her studio. Last
, she kicked off the new season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show
by challenging Hillary Clinton on her gay marriage stance, and this week, in one episode she
brought up the Larry Craig controversy and went into the audience
to get opinions.

In another episode, Ellen mentioned getting an iPhone from Steve
Jobs, and then Portia taking it from her right away because Ellen doesn’t know
how to use anything that’s technical. Ellen then went on to list everything
that now comes to bed with them: the dogs, the cats, the iPhone and mama.
I hope by "mama" she’s referring to herself or Portia, not Betty,
because the kissing-lesbian-sisters stereotype is bad enough. (Thanks to AE
reader Pyewacket for the rundown!)

Then yesterday, Ellen and guest Neil Patrick Harris had a
discussion about bringing dates to award shows, and
kindly let me crib the transcript:

Ellen: And who are you going with?
Neil Patrick Harris: My boyfriend, David.
Ellen: That’s great, this is the first time that you can
actually … did you go together before and walk in separately? Or how did
you do that?
NPH: [grimaces] Yeeeeeeeah, I don’t know. Yeah. We would
arrive together and he went ahead and I did the photos. It wasn’t this [makes
head movement as if dodging] sneaky thing that we were trying to play. He’s
an actor in his own right. I like to be there for work and am not really as
a political kind of guy. But now we can smile together.
Ellen: That’s great. I think that’s great.
[Audience cheers, NPH smiles]
NPH: How did you do that? Was that weird for you?
Ellen: I don’t look at it as a political thing. Because …
and I also didn’t hide it as well. But I would go and my girlfriend would
go in separately and I would be taking pictures alone. I look at it as, whoever
you go with … you go with your spouse or your husband or your wife, or your
boyfriend or your girlfriend. So for me, I’m just happy I get to walk down
with Portia and take pictures and not look at it as anything to be ashamed
NPH: Absolutely.
Ellen: It’s still about work. I’m taking someone that —
NPH: Your date.
Ellen: … I’m with.

Hmm, it’s almost like Ellen’s stepping up to fill the gap Rosie left when
she departed The View, minus the arguments with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
I like it!

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