Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Sept. 14, 2007)

The news about MTV’s new bisexual dating show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila was revealed
after BLWE went to press last Friday, so Karman wrote a
(very funny) blog post
about it on Friday afternoon instead.

The gist of
it is this: MTV fooled a bunch of lesbians and straight men into competing against
each other Bachelor-style to win the affections of one Miss Tila
(real name: Tila Nguyen), the bisexual queen
of MySpace
(with over 2 million "friends") who is also a singer,
model, fashion designer, online casino owner and soon-to-be reality TV star
(more background on her here).

I can’t bring any more snark to this news than Karman already did, so I thought I’d just highlight some of your responses to the post, which were almost as amusing as Karman’s commentary:

WILL I BE STRAIGHT OR LESBIAN IN THE END? Yes… because THAT’S what bisexuality is all about. (Sparkfire)

…her fake last name is Tequila! How could you not want to watch the show knowing that? (dypole)

Eww…I feel like I just caught a disease just looking at her picture!  I can’t even picture the reject level of the lesbians that would try to date this skank.  I hope the entire lot of them walk off the show the minute they are introduced to their blow up doll of a potential paramour. (KineticStillness)

ooo this sounds majorly skantastic and horrible. so you know what that
means? i’m gonna watch it. for the same reason i watch flavor of love and
i love new york because it’s the most entertaining garbage that
i can’t stop watching. someone…please help me stop, it’s like a disease
that has taken over my body that i cant find the cure for…but i don’t really
want to either. *sits and waits for i love new york 2*  (Shiznortizny)

I’m already embarrassed for everyone involved. (Nea)

This is an ultimate straight male’s fantasy of a bisexual woman: a skanky blow-up doll. I think this show is gonna perpetuate the bi stereotype as much as mainstream movies with psycho/suicidal lesbians. (Betty)

I don’t know anything you don’t about this girl. I like her personality though. I am all for skanks. They are needed in this world to counteract the prudes…If she was a full blown lesbian would she still get bashed the way she is? And please don’t tell me no lesbians go around looking like Tila Tequila because all one has to do is take a trip down to West Hollywood on a Friday night and you will see them live and in person. Wholesome girls are boring, IMO. (Koo)

Tila Tequila isn’t ugly but the fact that everything about her screams I’ve
been around the block way too many times makes her unattractive and her comments
about her show aren’t saying much for her personality as well. I duno but
personally I like a girl with just a lil bit of I don’t know. ~naturalness~
about her, and that she is lacking dearly (XxMuahzxX)

I’ll eat a whole scotch-bonnet pepper if she ends up with a woman. Mustn’t pop the delicate egos of the straight male audience, after all. And colour me a tad suspicious of the "freshly out of the closet" designator as anything other than a marketing ploy, or a fashion-statement. She’ll end up with a guy, if not now, but whenever she realises the reality of being queer …. The person that came up with the idea for this show should be taken out back and shot. Repeatedly. (Sarah in Chicago)

I don’t know about being taken out back and shot, but the show at least deserves
the recap treatment. Karman will be recapping
the show, and Malinda’s going to vlog about it in her new women-of-color video
blog that will launch at the end of this month (because yes, Tila’s Asian — and I’m sure Malinda will have lots to say about that, too).

Meanwhile, Tila’s would-be suitors may want to watch this music video first:


I’ll say one thing for the woman — she’s got spirit!

The show will make its first drunken pass at us on Oct. 9th.

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