Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Sept. 14, 2007)

Leisha Hailey graces the cover of the October issue of U.K.
lesbian magazine Diva
with an in-depth interview about her role on The L Word, her new band,
Uh Huh Her, and her personal life. And
there are hot new photos of her!

Best photo caption? The one on the bottom right corner, below, saying that Leisha
"topped’s 100 Hottest Lesbian Pin-Ups," which must
be the British translation of "Hot 100 List." I like it! You know
what they say: Everything sounds better with a British accent.

Best quote from Leisha in the interview? "Being with my girlfriend [Nina]
is like being with a hot Willy Wonka, and I’m Charlie walking through her world."
That’s a pretty great way to describe your girlfriend after seven years together.
Hell, after any years together.

But I can do her one better. After nine years together, being with
my girlfriend [Lori] is like wandering through fields of candy-coated
grass, falling into the chocolate river, and then getting fished out by an Oompa
Loompa just before being sucked through a narrow pipe … OK, somehow this analogy
went terribly awry. But Leisha made it look so easy…

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