Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 3, 2008)


And finally, a show from HBO Latin America Group is donning comfortable shoes with a new Portuguese-language show called Alice.

Thanks to reader Karina for sending the details on this series about a young Brazilian woman who leaves her sheltered, provincial life for a funeral in fast-paced São Paulo.

A whole new world opens up to Alice when she decides to stay in the big city, but Alice is not the one falling for another woman. Instead, the lesbian storyline will belong to Alice’s open-minded Aunt Luli, played by veteran actress Regina Braga.

Regina Braga

Luli looks like everyone’s favorite kooky aunt — the one with a love for life, circus-crazy outfits, and possibly, a handbag full of pilfered restaurant condiments.

At some point during the 13 episodes of Alice, formerly straight, 50-something Aunt Luli will become romantically involved with another woman of a certain age, Dora (Denise Weinberg).

Denise Weinberg

The website OGlobo Online reports (in Portuguese) that Luli and Dora start out as friends, but end up doing something other than needlepoint in a São Paulo motel room.

A rough translation of the article says (I think), "Denise [Weinberg]… noted that the scene was pure fun." Leave it to HBO to break new ground by showing older women exploring their sexuality.

And if they turn out to be doctors who are also killers, I’m moving to Brazil.

— by Dara Nai

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