Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 19, 2007)



This week I saw Michael Clayton, the new George Clooney flick that would seem to have absolutely nothing to do with lesbians or horror movies. But somehow I was treated (subjected?) to the trailer for Pathology, a thriller about murderous med students. It’s slated for release Nov. 30, and it looks like a diabolical update of Flatliners.

Watch the trailer carefully, and you might see two women kissing (at about the 1:47 mark):

Did you see that redhead? That’s Lauren Lee Smith, aka Lara the Soup Chef on The L Word. And Alyssa Milano is in the movie too, though I don’t think she’s the one Lauren is kissing — I think that’s Mei Melançon. I also think I can now isolate my own pathology: It’s whatever affliction makes you plunk down $11 for a slim chance of seeing hot chicks make out. Yes, I’m in therapy.


New Cashmere Mafia promo shots were released this week. Bonnie Somerville looks lovely as usual.

In this next photo, Bonnie looks like she’s thinking about making a play for Frances O’Connor, but I realize that’s just my affliction talking again.

Need a closeup of that one? I do:

But where are the pictures of Bonnie’s character and Lourdes Benedicto‘s character exploring their affection for each other? Besides these screencaps from the pilot, I mean. I suppose ABC wants to save those photos for later, but don’t they know you’re not supposed to tease the lesbians?!

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