Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 12, 2007)


An Italian documentary about The L Word that aired in Italy in August is now available to watch online; here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

Among the folks interviewed for the two-part series are Guinevere Turner, Michelle Wolff, contributing writer Shauna Swartz, and myself.

Yes, that’s me in the sunglasses talking about how much lesbians love processing (especially about The L Word). If you’ve ever wanted to hear The L Word in Italian, here’s your chance: All the clips from the show are in Italian (the rest of it’s in English).

Plus, the documentary was shot in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the New York area, and it covered several Pride events, so you might catch a glimpse of yourself, your ex or your ex’s ex in the background. I’m sure there’s a drinking game in there somewhere. Salute!

On this week’s We’re Getting Nowhere, Karman, Jill and Dara introduced us to three Top Model contestants who weren’t able to make it into the first few episodes because they missed the boat. It’s so funny I’m putting it here, too:

The three "lost" contestants of
America’s Next Top Model

Since there don’t appear to be any other out lesbian contestants on Top Model this season, I sure do hope one of these three turns out to be gay! Tune in next week to find out if all three of them make it to the next round.

We debuted yet another video blog this week, this time from Michelle Paradise, creator of new comedy series Exes & Ohs. In her inaugural vlog, Michelle responds to some comments from last week’s BLWE and explains why she had to remove her cat from the vlog. Watch it here.

In this week’s episode of The Lo-Down, Sarah P. and I take a big bite out of the first episode of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. FYI, there are cowboy hats involved. Watch it here.

On this week’s Lesbian Weeds Watching, Jen and Emma tackle Episode 3.8 of Weeds, complete with re-enactments. Watch it here.

On Saturday, look for another episode of She Made Me Watch This, in which Sarah and Lori discuss how Bionic Woman is the gayest non-gay show on network TV right now, and why A Shot at Love is just wrong. In so many ways.

Finally, just to reiterate, we know there are technical problems with the video players that are preventing some of you (from outside the U.S. especially) from watching the vlogs, but we are hard at work on solving these problems. The last thing we want is for you to be restricted from watching us act like goofballs! Please be patient as we marshal our technical forces.

An early review of out actress Saffron Burrows‘ upcoming movie The Bank Job has surfaced at Ain’t It Cool News. Sorry, there’s nothing lesbian about the movie, but hey, Saffron Burrows!

Australian gay and lesbian website released their list of The 25 Most Influential Gay & Lesbian Australians this week, including hockey player Alyson Annan, CEO Stevie Clayton, activist and author Vicki Harding, law professor Jenni Millbank, police officer Joy Murphy and politician Penny Wong. Yes, there are only six women on the list. Let’s hope that next year they recognize an equal number of men and women.

Cool lesbian website alert:

New TV show ‘Da Kink in my Hair — based on Trey Anthony’s award-winning play of the same name and the first show in Canada with an all-black cast — debuts on Global TV in Canada on October 14th.

New episodes of Blood Ties (Lifetime) begin airing again on Fridays tonight, with supposedly-bisexual and definitely cool lead Vicki (Christina Cox).

In honor of National Coming Out Day, our friends Brent and Michael at
have devoted their
latest Two Gay Guys video blog
to looking at what the world would be like if gays and lesbians didn’t exist. Although they didn’t mention this in the video, one thing’s for sure: the vampire movie genre would be seriously anemic.

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