Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 12, 2007)


In this month’s Complex, Alicia Keys talks about her role in last year’s Smokin’ Aces, revealing that the gay story line between her character, assassin Georgia Sykes, and partner-in-crime Sharice Watters (Taraji P. Henson), was somewhat de-gayed over the course of the production. She also revealed that she initially rejected the role, until her agent convinced her to reconsider it.

Here’s what she told Complex:

AK: I got the script, I read 30 pages, and I threw it in the trash.

C: Really? Why?
AK: I was like, "There’s like every stereotype ever in there. And what’s this gay s—, too? So maybe two weeks later, my agent called me and said, "Read it all the way through, you’ll be feeling it." So I dug it out and I read it. And the more I read, the more that I got it. I was like, "Wow, there’s nothing people will expect from me less than this." And that’s what I wanted when it came to film. I don’t want to be the singing, piano-playing "girl role." I want to be something that’s not who I am.

C: Did you have any reservations or concerns that playing a gay character was going to spawn rumors?
AK: Well, my character wasn’t the gay character, my partner was. But there was kind of a —

C: Tension?
AK: There was originally a whole scene where I confronted her about it, and said, "I feel like you’re kind of pushing up on me, what’s going on?" They left that out; they wanted it to be very ambiguous, which is cool. I figured that people would probably run with it, and there was a little misconstruing about it, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t a big deal.

So … her character isn’t gay, but leaving it ambiguous is cool, except some people misconstrued what was going on? And what exactly does she mean by "gay s—"? Note to Alicia: Saying things like "what’s this gay s—" is really what spawns rumors — and not the kind you want, either.

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