Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 10, 2008)


Thanks to reader and All My Children fanatic Pyewacket, we have even more news this week about Bianca’s return to AMC, including some quite revealing photos. Revealing in terms of story, I mean.

Several MAJOR SPOILERS follow; you have been warned! If you want to avoid them, you can skip directly to the next page.

According to Soap Opera Source, Bianca (Eden Riegel) and girlfriend Reese (Tamara Braun) will break new ground for daytime television in a scene to air the week of Oct. 27. Here’s a clue.

(All photos ABC/Keysha McGrady)

Ah, the look of love is in their eyes. See anything else? Look closely at Reese’s hands.

Not only are her fingernails neatly trimmed, but she’s also holding something, something that gives me hope for the future of Bianca, All My Children and daytime television.

Too dramatic? Take a look at what happens a few seconds later, complete with exclusive hints.

You do the math: Ring box + diamond + lesbian on one knee = the destruction of the American family a marriage proposal!

Unless ABC is totally messing with us — and it wouldn’t be the first time — we’re looking at the first lesbian proposal on daytime TV. Is this a happy family or what?

No, I don’t know what Miranda is wearing. I’m hoping it’s a Halloween costume, because all we need is a lesbian couple dressing its child in a dog collar. Especially a dog named FiFi.

We also have more news on Bianca’s baby girl (it’s a girl!). Turns out one of the rumors we reported last week is, in fact, true. The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest confirms that Zach is indeed Bianca’s sperm donor. Bianca decided to keep the news from Kendall (Zach’s wife and Bianca’s sister) because she thought Kendall would disapprove. Oh, yes, Binx. Much better just to spring it on Kendall when the kid pops out.

Here is how events will unfold, according to various soap sources.

Bianca will return to Pine Valley just as The Tornado! hits. Zach will find Bianca buried in the rubble just as she goes into premature labor. As a result, Zach will help deliver his own daughter/niece/spawn, baby Gabrielle.

This storyline is all kinds of wrong — and not just because it makes me feel like I need a shower. Bianca and Kendall have a strong, very close relationship. I cannot fathom Binx making a move like this without discussing it with Kendall. Kendall once confessed to murder to keep Bianca out of prison, so why would she say no to a little sister-to-sister sperm sharing?

I won’t even go into the mystery of Bianca wanting a baby closely related to Miranda, whose father was a rapist and whose grandfather was a mass murderer. I’m no geneticist, but propagating that DNA seems risky at best.

As ridiculous and off-putting as this seed-sharing story is, I’m glad it’s not related to Bianca being gay. And if the result is that she and Reese are happy, healthy and in love for many years to come, then I can live with it. At least Bianca didn’t steal Zach’s sperm. I hope.

— by the linster

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