Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 9, 2007)


Last Sunday on the premiere of Season 12 of CBS’ The Amazing Race, married ministers (and lesbians) Kate Lewis and Pat Hendrickson survived the first leg of the 50,000-mile journey. They performed such incredible feats as driving themselves from the Playboy Mansion to LAX without getting lost (it’s harder than it seems), where they booked themselves on a flight to Shannon, Ireland.

Once on the Emerald Isle, they were aghast to discover that they had to ride a bike on a wire suspended 200 feet above the North Atlantic.

After all that, Kate and Pat came in eighth out of the top 10 teams, deftly avoiding the shame of being the first team to get kicked off. Tune in this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS to cheer them on through the second leg of The Amazing Race.

Also on reality this week, out lesbian Kathy got into a much-beeped fight with castmate Maurice on BET’s College Hill Interns. Watch it here, and look for an interview with Kathy on next week.

Last but not least, you may have heard that MTV is now casting for a second season of Shot at Love. No, Tila Tequila will not be reprising her role as the "bi-bachelorette"; apparently she’s found her true love, and the second season will feature someone entirely new.

In case you’re interested in doing some investigative reporting for, I sincerely encourage you to go to a casting call. You’ll have to prove to them that you "have the sex appeal, heart and spirit to win the love of our gorgeous Bi-Bachelorette," and you’ll have to be 21 (because the entire show is an open bar!).

You’ll also get to fill out an application in which you get to answer such questions as "Are you a player? Hopless romantic? Shy girl?" and "Is there something in your life you’re uncomfortable talking about?"

Well, I for one am totally a "hopless" romantic. I do not hop. Ever.

As for telling them whether there’s something you’re uncomfortable talking about — hello, shooting fish in a barrel! Don’t give ‘em the ammunition to ambush you once you’re ensconced in that "spectacular Hollywood Hills mansion." If you’re totally uncomfortable talking about your

consecotaleophobia, don’t tell them or else they’ll force you to participate in a Chinese takeout challenge.

Regardless of their casting quirks, the announcement of Shot at Love Season 2 raises many questions about where quality television has gone and whether stereotypes can be overcome by piling on more of them (short answer: no). But one of the most intriguing questions came from Karman, who asked the following after hearing about Shot at Love 2: "How will they come up with a never-ending supply of bisexual models?"

Gee, I don’t know. Maybe they decided to hire the casting directors in charge of America’s Next Top Model.

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