Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 9, 2007)


At the American Film Market this week in Santa Monica, Calif., LGBT distributor Wolfe Video acquired two lesbian-themed films, Taiwan’s Spider Lilies and Japan’s Love My Life.

The Japanese film, which is based on a manga by Ebine Yamaji, is about the relationship between two college girls. That’s about all I can tell you about the movie, because other than some pretty pictures, everything about the movie seems to be in Japanese (including the official website). I’ve taken the liberty, though, of captioning some of the images.

Girl 1: Why didn’t I bring mittens? It’s cold out here on the beach in the middle of winter!
Girl 2: Because mittens don’t go with the shapeless-dress-over-jeans look, that’s why. You should know better. That’s why I’m wearing fingerless gloves! Stylish yet bizarrely warm — just like fishnets.

Girl 1: Wait! I can’t run that fast! Even though I’m wearing a dykey studded belt, I decided to pair my distressed jeans with high heels!
Girl 2: Queer fashion is such a challenge, isn’t it?

Girl 1: Kiss me.
Girl 2: Hang on. Let me hit the snooze button again.

I did find this trailer, and it even has subtitles, but they’re in Japanese (hint: help us, Japanese readers!):

Love My Life screens at Fusion, the Los Angeles LGBT People of Color Film Festival, on Sunday, Dec. 2, and then will be playing at several film festivals over the next several months. Wolfe plans to release it on DVD in late summer 2008. Look for a review of Love My Life on in the next couple of weeks.

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