Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 30, 2007)


We’re closing in on the end of the year, and you know what that means: office
holiday parties that you will regret in the morning, and the sort of
year-in-review polls and quizzes that make you realize with horror that you
only really remember the things that have happened since summertime.

Logo (’s parent company) is joining the fray with the NewNowNext
2007 Rewind
polls, in which you can weigh in on important topics like "Favorite
Viral Video Clip," "Favorite Lesbian Movie" (yes, there were
enough movies in that category to constitute a proper poll — you just
don’t remember the ones released before June!), and "Hottest TV Lesbian"
(what’s left of my journalistic integrity prevents me from endorsing Jill

I’m not personally invested in your participation, of course, but
you might be interested to know that one of the categories is "Best Video
Blog." There are rumors on the internets that some of you enjoy watching video blogs now and again, so it might be fun for you to vote
for We’re Getting Nowhere your favorite.

We’ve tried to keep you up to date on the lesbian shenanigans happening
on the popular Spanish prime-time program, Hospital
, but these women are busy! After the wedding of main characters
Dr. Maca Wilson (Patricia Vico) and Esther (Fátima
) back in 2005 (the first same-sex wedding on Spanish television),
actress Carolina Cerezuela was cast
in the part of Dr.Verónica Solé, who began having an affair with
Maca this season.

The latest development (thanks to AE reader Sylvia for the tip!) comes in the
form of a new Samsung
in which Vico and Cerezuela fight over a cell phone on the set
of the Hospital Central conference room. (It’s an inside joke, as cell
phones were pivotal components in their illicit affair.) In the commercial,
Cerezuela promotes a pink Samsung phone and tells Vico that for every phone
sold, Samsung is donating 5 euros to the Breast Cancer Research fund of Spain.

Watch the commercial below:

If they really cared about each other, they would stop fighting over the phone and just sign up for the Family Plan!

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