Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 30, 2007)

AE reader Liz tipped us off that Australian singer
Missy Higgins has officially come out as bisexual. ("And not as ‘A’ bisexual,
much to Tila Tequila’s confusion I’m sure," Liz added in her note to us.
News and snark? I love it!)

On Monday, Missy wrote
on her MySpace

Hey there,

You might have seen some media excitement about my sexuality lately. Basically,
I gave an interview that’s since been twisted around by other writers so I
figure I should clear things up for anyone who’s been confused by it all.

As I explained in that original interview, I’ve never felt comfortable with
labeling or categorizing human beings. However if we’re going to pigeonhole
me, I’ve been in relationships with both men and women so I guess I fall most
easily under the category "Bisexual".

The reason I’ve tried to avoid discussing this with journalists is because
— like most people — I just don’t like the idea of virtual strangers
delving into my private life and possibly misrepresenting things.

Recent events have just reinforced that view. Please rest assured that I
am not, never have been, and never will be ashamed of my sexuality but also
please respect the fact that when I do an interview I want it to be about
my music and not about my love life!

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Missy x

We’re thrilled that Higgins is more comfortable talking about her sexuality now, because we need all the out lesbian and bisexual musicians we can claim — especially those as talented as Higgins. But, for the record, it is possible to ask a few questions about an artist’s sexual orientation without focusing an entire interview on that topic. In fact, we do it all the time!

An AE reader (thanks
) turned us on to an excellent new PSA
encouraging women to vote that features out actress Sarah Paulson
(Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip).

In it, Paulson, along with

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christine
and others deliver some sobering statistics about single women
voters (47 million single women are eligible to vote, but only 20 million do),

as women of all makes and models stand before

— and, most importantly,
— the presidential desk in what looks like the Oval Office.
The PSA was created by Women’s Voices.
Women Vote
, an organization whose goal is to "turn unmarried, uninvolved
women into active voters who are influencing debate."

Watch the clip below:

Of course, those single women voters include actual single lesbian
and bisexual women and those who, despite commitment ceremonies and joint credit
card debt, for all intents and purposes are "married" but still
considered "single" by government standards. In other words, there
are potentially a lot of us included in that pool of non-voters.

So do your civic
duty and send all of your friends an email with the PSA included.
And in the subject line, write "Sarah Paulson’s new haircut is HAWT!" You could
make a difference, and you’d be telling the truth!


Still stewing (sorry, I just couldn’t resist) over the fact that neither the openly bisexual (Tiffani Faison)
or lesbian (Josie Smith-Malave and Sandee Birdsong) contestants brought home the bacon gold on Bravo’s hit reality show Top Chef? You’ll be happy to know that all of them will be competing alongside other Top Chef alums in the upcoming
Top Chef Holiday Special, airing Dec. 6 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Faison, Smith-Malave, Birdsong and other contestants deemed "fan favorites" from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 will prepare a special holiday meal for the judges
(including out lesbian pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner) in hopes of winning a $20,000 prize.

If there happens to be a consolation prize
for Most Grinch-like Chef, Smith-Malave is a sure thing.

Josie Smith-Malave

Incidentally, Smith-Malave was in the news recently when it was announced
that two new arrests had been made in connection with the assault
on her and her friends
by a crowd of people after being thrown out of a
Long Island bar on Labor Day. Melissa Trimarchi was charged with misdemeanor
assault, and Elizabeth Borroughs was charged with aggravated harassment for their
involvement with the attack. Smith-Malave’s lawyer has been an outspoken critic
of the police department’s handling of the investigation, accusing them of not
taking the assault seriously as a hate crime. No word yet on when the case will
go to trial.

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