Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 2, 2007)



On the Oct. 30 episode of Fox’s quirky scientists-who-sleuth show Bones, forensic artist Angela (Michaela Conlin) had an intriguing blast from the past. The backstory is a little convoluted, so I’ll cut to the chase: During a discussion with a private investigator, we learn that Angela is just as open-minded as we always suspected. Here’s a clip:

P.I.: Angela Montenegro is not your birth name. You changed your name on your 18th birthday because it came to you in a dream.

Angela: I never told anybody about that.

P.I.: Yes, you did, actually. A girl named Roxy whose heart you broke in second year art school.

Angela: [chuckling] Wow. Roxy.

Angela seems to recall Roxy pretty fondly, doesn’t she? And the show gets big points for presenting that tidbit so matter-of-factly, or at least not in a Tila Tequila–esque way. I’ll take a slightly befuddled chuckle over a staged “I’m a bisexual!” any day.

Later in the episode, Angela dresses up as Cher (in the Oscars ’86 Bob Mackie outfit, natch) for Halloween.

That’s not at all related to the secrets from her past, but it seems like great fodder for fan fiction. Also, Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) dons a Wonder Woman costume. Do with that what you will.


The CBS courthouse drama Shark also featured a refreshing reaction this week. Watch this clip, in which attorney Madeline Poe (Sarah Carter) suddenly finds herself in a different kind of negotiation with opposing counsel:

Shark gets it right, Bones gets it right — am I sensing a theme here? I mean, other than some sort of 1970s horror movie mashup? I want my gay-friendly, one-word-titled TV!

For more on this disturbingly positive trend (or at least more on these two instances of it), watch the new episode of She Made Me Watch This! on Friday night.

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