Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 2, 2007)


WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes held court at a Unitarian Universalist Meeting House during the annual Women’s Week in Provincetown, MA (thanks to thelinster for the tip!). Swoopes was interviewed by comedian Vickie Shaw, who cheekily asked her, “How gay is the WNBA?”

Swoopes, who came out in 2005, quipped, “It’s no gayer than the NFL or the NBA.” She said there are plenty of straight players and “it’s a huge stereotype that all the women are gay.” Well, fine, but have you seen the crowds at WNBA games? That’s no stereotype: That’s science.

She noted that some players are still reluctant to come out, fearing a lack of support from the league. Maybe this is one of those chicken-and-egg questions: Would the WNBA (and the NFL and NBA, for that matter) be gayer if the league were more supportive, or would the league be more supportive if more players came out? (But the larger, much more mind-blowing question is how it’s possible that there’s a basketball player with the last name Swoopes. It’s like that woman I knew in college whose last name was Gay, and she was bi. Trippy!)

Swoopes also criticized league officials for failing to market to the LGBT community. She said she feels that failure personally, because since coming out, she’s been less prominently featured in WNBA ad campaigns. But she doesn’t regret a thing; she says she’s stronger and much happier living life outside the (no doubt high-top-filled) closet with her longtime girlfriend, Alisa Scott.

“If we don’t live our lives and be who we are and come out and share that with the world … we’re going to forever feel like we’re less than everyone else,” she told Bay Windows. OK, that’s good enough for me: I’m declaring her MVP of (And no, I am not just angling for a free pair of Air Swoopes.)


Back in September, Sarah shared the news that Sarah Paulson will guest star as the sister of Felicity Huffman‘s character on this season of Desperate Housewives. We now have the pictures to prove it. In this first one, Felicity looks like she’s about to sneeze:

And in this one, I like to think the offstage sneeze has flattened a nearby lawn ornament — or maybe one of the new gaybors:

Yeah, I’d rethink my visit to dear old sis if I were you, Sarah. Maybe swing by 24 instead to say hello to President Cherry Jones.

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