Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 2, 2007)


The Nov. 6 issue of The Advocate features an interview with Sarah Shahi (The L Word). It starts out strong:

The Advocate: In 2006 you were number 66 on the Maxim Hot 100, but this year you

were number 5 on the hot list. That means lesbians have

better taste in women than straight men, right?

Shahi: Of course! Lesbians do everything better.

As if that weren’t enough to secure her a permanent spot on the aforementioned list, Shahi also said she has “no aversion to playing a gay character again,” especially if she could do so opposite Penélope Cruz or Rachel Weisz. And she believes it’s important to represent:

[W]hen I was on [The L Word] … I definitely felt I was representing a group of people who had very little representation on television. And I felt, Leave them the f— alone. [Gay couples] are no different than heterosexual couples — sometimes they even function better than heterosexual couples. That was the biggest revelation I had … What is the big f—ing deal? They’re just like everyone else; leave them alone.

Swoon! I still can’t believe anyone would leave this woman standing at the altar. Yes, I know that was Carmen the character, not Sarah the actress, but it still makes about as much sense as that bathroom scene between Carmen and Jenny — which, by the way, Shahi calls “the strangest thing I ever had to do.” I said something similar when I watched that scene; well, I think it was more along the lines of “Holy Schecter, my eyes, my eyes!”

That issue of The Advocate also includes a profile of Bryan Fuller, the openly gay creator of Pushing Daisies. Fuller notes that Kristen Chenoweth‘s character, Olive, was originally supposed to be a lesbian. (Sarah heard this from Bryan at the TCA Summer Press Tour in July, and broke the sad news to readers in She Made Me Watch This! a few weeks ago.) It seems an executive at ABC decided to make Olive straight in order to maximize the kooky love triangle possibilities.

I’ve also heard that Swoosie Kurtz‘s character was originally supposed to have a peg leg and a pet toucan as well as an eye patch. But a different ABC executive made her obsessed with cheese instead, presumably hoping to maximize the tasty triangular cracker possibilities.

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