Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 16, 2007)


Have you ever sat around and thought what the world needs is a movie about a
butch lesbian forced to pose as a femme straight girl in 1969 in order to live
with two gay guys in an apartment owned by a lesbo-phobic landlord? Me neither,
but apparently someone did: Glenn Gaylord, the writer/director
of the new movie Lez
Be Friends
, which Edge
calls "a hilarious throw-back to the sitcoms of the 1970s."

I haven’t seen the film, so it might be the next great gay comedy, but I’m
a little skeptical — based on the title, the tagline, the fact that Gaylord’s other producer/director credits
include Boychick and VH1′s What Perez Says, and this trailer
(although I’ll give them props for nailing the ’70s sitcom feel and the great

To be fair, crass comedies aren’t really my thing; maybe you’ll find it
a laugh riot (AE readers who’ve seen it, please weigh in on it in the comments).
To learn more about it and find screening dates and times, check out the movie’s
MySpace page.

There’s a new documentary in the works called So-Called Equals about
homosexual and transgender people in Spain, a country that has experienced a huge evolution
in gay rights. Here’s a photo of Europride in Madrid this summer,
with a million and half (!) people attending.

The producers made a trailer with English subtitles, so check
it out here:

Look for it to start making the festival rounds next summer.

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