Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 9, 2008)

Proving that we are now firmly in the era of the lesbian spring break (gay male circuit parties be damned!), next week Aqua Girl takes over South Beach in Miami, promising "bikini-clad babes, a hot Canadian rock band, a top lesbian comic and 12 of the fiercest female DJs in the country."

Wow, 12 fierce DJs! Does Tyra Banks know?

Here are DJ Alyson Calagna, DJ Tracy Young and DJ Pride (clockwise from top left), who will be spinning at Aqua Girl:

Why am I not going to this event?

Aqua Girl (May 14–18) is a bit different from most other lesbian beach parties, though, since it’s actually a fundraising event; all net proceeds benefit the Aqua Foundation for Women, whose mission is "to promote the equality, strength, health and visibility of South Florida lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (LBT) women."

In addition to hot DJs, this year’s Aqua Girl features a concert by the Cliks hosted by Dani Campbell, our favorite futch from Shot at Love, that show I once enjoyed (not even guiltily) but now watch with one hand partially covering my eyes.

If you’re at Aqua Girl, you’ll also be able to catch comedian Julie Goldman, who’s performing on May 17, and the cast of Logo’s upcoming reality series Gimme Sugar. Go here to get tickets.

I’m not normally a big fan of these kinds of events, but there’s something about the lineup (cute butches!) that makes me think this is slightly more up my alley than the femme-tastic Dinah Shore weekend.

So if you’re lucky enough to be partying in Miami next week, have a drink for me. I’ll be at work, combing the internets for other hot butches news of injustices against lesbians in entertainment.

"Just put it out of their mind that there is some sort of normal out there because there’s not. They may portray it on the television like Leave it to Beaver that there’s a perfect thing, but that does not exist, everyone’s doing the best they can to raise families, and find happiness, and find many ways to love, and there are many ways."
Melissa Etheridge to MomLogic, when asked what advice she would give to moms who have less "traditional" families

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