Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 4, 2007)


The third installment of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic came out this week, and it’s All Willow All the Time!

Willow is back after an unexplained year-and-a-half absence, and she’s all
over this issue — fighting evil witch Amy and her minions and just generally
being a badass (including temporarily turning into Dark Willow). Here are a
few of the panels heralding Willow’s return:

There’s good news for all you Kennedy haters. When Buffy asks Willow about
Kennedy, Willow replies, "she died," and then hurriedly explains upon
seeing Buffy’s horrified expression: "She’s fine. Mystical thing, only
lasted a month." Willow goes on to add that she and Kennedy are "taking
it slow right now" because Kennedy’s "sort of in her own space, but
it’s cool."

But wait, there’s more! Willow announces that Buffy can only be freed from the dreamland in which she’s trapped by the kiss of someone in the room who’s in love with her, and then she does a spell to reveal who that is. The spell works, Buffy awakens, and of course they don’t show us who kissed her — but it’s believed by most readers to be either Xander or Willow (!).

I think it’s going to end up being Xander, but I can’t decide what I think about the idea that it might be Willow. On the one hand, a Buffy-Willow relationship would make a lot of lesbian fans happy. On the other hand, Buffy’s not gay (or bi, as far as we know), so it would probably end up being an unrequited love, which just means a lot of Willow mooning about, and that would get annoying after a while. Plus, we wouldn’t want to reinforce the idea that lesbian/bi women can’t be friends with straight women without wanting to sleep with them (Work Out‘s Jackie and Rebecca are already taking care of that, thank you very much!).

What do you all think? Register your opinion here:

Do you want Willow and Buffy to get together?


I’ll keep you posted on what happens in the comic. In the meantime, get more
details on it at Wikipedia. And if you don’t know anything at all about Buffy, read our explanation of how Buffy changed the world of lesbians on TV.

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