Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 30, 2008)


HOT BEACH READING ALERT columnist Linda Villarosa, former New York Times journalist and two-time executive editor of Essence magazine, has just published her first novel, Passing for Black, which comes out from Dafina Books (Kensington Publishing) this week. According to the publisher’s press release:

In PASSING FOR BLACK, Villarosa introduces readers to Angela Wright. In the six years that Angela has been with her fiancé Keith Redfield, her life has settled neatly into place. Keith, a professor of African-American history, has helped her become comfortable in her own skin. And Angela’s career at a popular magazine is thriving.  

Then a chance meeting leaves Angela consumed with desire for an intriguing stranger that leads her from outrageous underground sex parties to intimate encounters that are both torrid and tender. Now everything Angela has come to believe about sex, love, identity, and race is called into question.

Look for Linda on an episode of Brunch With Bridget in the near future, where I’m sure Bridget will grill her about all those "outrageous underground sex parties." And if you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, you can catch Linda reading at the Leimert Park Village Book Fair, an African-American street festival, on Saturday, May 31 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Table 31, at 43rd and Degnan Blvd. Meanwhile, you can (you can buy it online here).

Congratulations, Linda, on your book!

More news has surfaced about Jodie Foster‘s alleged split from her longtime partner, Cydney Bernard. According to unnamed sources in Britain’s Daily Mail, Foster ended her relationship with Bernard because she fell for writer-producer Cynthia Mort, who penned the script for The Brave One. The two reportedly met while working together on that film, and Mort has also apparently left her own girlfriend, actor and director Melanie Mayron (Itty Bitty Titty Committee).

Here’s a selection of headlines that have accompanied this new gossip, with varying degrees of salaciousness:

So why HAS Jodie Foster left her lesbian lover of 15 years? (Daily Mail)
Report: Jodie Foster Leaves Longtime Girlfriend Cydney Bernard for Screenwriter (
Jodie Foster’s new love Cynthia Mort shocks Tinsel Town (Melbourne Herald Sun)
Jodie ‘cheated’ on dumped lesbian lover (

And winning the award for most ridiculous:

Jodie Foster’s Young Lover Into “Explicit Sex Scenes” (

That’s because by "young," they mean 33 years old (although inexplicably says that Mort is 51). Regardless of her actual age, Mort doesn’t exactly look under-age:

Cynthia Mort

Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

And by "explicit sex scenes," they mean that Mort wrote and executive produced the HBO drama Tell Me You Love Me, which caused a splash last year because it featured love scenes that included, well, visible prosthetic devices that resembled body parts I (as a lesbian) don’t really want to look at, ever.

But when I watched — OK, fast-forwarded — through Tell Me You Love Me last year, I didn’t find any of the scenes particularly titillating. In fact, even though all the scenes involved straight couples, I was struck by how oddly lesbian the story lines were, including one about a couple trying to get pregnant and one about lesbian bed death a couple who no longer have sex.

I guess my gaydar was right on.

— by Malinda Lo

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