Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 23, 2008)

Anyone Angelina Jolie kisses turns to gold for the paparazzi. Her brother even had his 15 minutes for their infamous lip lock at the Oscars.

This week at the Cannes Film Festival, Clint Eastwood‘s wife, Dina, was on the receiving end of Jolie’s lips, and the press once again was able to utilize the word lesbian alongside her name in headlines. (It really should be legal for us to copyright the term and get paid for every misuse.)

However, it is kind of suspicious that Jolie would do the smooch right in front of a line of cameras. I suppose if you’re feeling it, though, you’re feeling it — even if you’re pregnant with twins and your husband is on your arm.

Perhaps we should take this as a compliment: There’s been a lot of controversy over a new lesbian erotica collection being called “too racy” simply because it’s about lesbians. The collection’s editor, Zane (yes, one name, like Cher) is a best-selling erotica author who has published several books about sex, but Purple Panties: The Anthology is the first to cause such a stir within national chain bookstores, who complain about the cover, which features two purple panties-wearing women in an embrace.

Zane (a straight woman who refers to herself as an “honorary lesbian”) wrote a response that was published on the African American Literature Book Club website:

The only difference between Purple Panties and the nearly two-dozen other titles that I have written or edited is that it is a collection of LESBIAN EROTICA. To that, I say shame on it all. It saddens me that we still live in a world that is so sexually oppressed. Now I am not saying that people need to rush out and read the book, or any of my books.

I am saying, point blank, that people have a ton of sexual hang-ups that they need to get over.

Everything is not for everybody but to “be offended,” to claim that a book is “too racy” for book signings but Succulent was not too racy a couple of months ago, nor Dear G Spot before that, or the book before that and so on, makes the real rationale behind it obvious.

Right on Zane — there is certainly some homophobia at work here, but here’s hoping that this “bad publicity” works in favor for the book as well as its upcoming sequel, Missionary No More: Purple Panties 2.

As Zane concluded in her response letter to the public: “Do not think that, for one second, this will deter me from my path. People love as they love; not as directed.” Anyone feel like starting a controversial erotica book club?

It’s been proven that lesbians love to drive Subarus, whether it’s a direct reflection of the car company’s gay friendly ad campaigns (“It’s Not a Choice. It’s the Way We’re Built”) or perhaps the brand’s outdoorsy appeal. (Maybe it’s even the roomy backseats.) Whatever the reason you and yours might own a Subaru, Logo (’s parent company) wants to know about it: The network is working with Subaru for a new Real Momentum series of “short portrait documentaries” featuring gays and lesbians with their Subaru vehicles.

Interested parties of “any location, age, gender or race” can e-mail, but we suggest you be at least 16; your mom might not appreciate your using her Subaru to pick up dates before you have your license.

by Trish Bendix

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