Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 2, 2008)


Nominations for the 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were released this week, with the winners to be announced on June 20 in Los Angeles and aired live on ABC. Once again, Ellen DeGeneres leads in the category of Lesbian Whose Mantle Is Most Likely to Collapse Beneath the Weight of Actual Comedy Gold.

Ellen DeGeneres at the 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards

Not really. But the show itself has been nominated for eight Daytime Emmys, including Outstanding Talk Show Host for DeGeneres herself. The show is also nominated for Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment and Outstanding Special Class Writing.

This is particularly exciting for us here at because if the show wins in those categories, our own Liz Feldman, the writer/comic formerly of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, will be taking home two Emmys of her own!

This also means that she’ll need to reinforce her own mantle, as she’s already won four Daytime Emmy Awards for her previous work on the show.

Liz Feldman

Did you notice that proprietary language I just used, calling Liz Feldman "our own"? That’s not just me being weird or clinging to the fact that she recently appeared on Brunch With Bridget or was part of the AfterNoon of stand-up at The Dinah. No, I’ve already let go of all that.

The fact is, this Monday we’ll be launching her new online show, This Just Out With Liz Feldman, in which she promises to bring us "the latest and greatest and nearest and queerest." I suspect that this will also involve the implementation of both blazers and brain parts, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Yesterday Oprah Winfrey invited the cast of award-winning HBO series Sex and the City to appear on her talk show to plug the new movie version of their hit television program. I stayed home and watched Oprah just so I could tell you all about it.

Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall,
Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jessica Parker

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Harpo Productions, Inc. George Burns

The stars — Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parkerreturned in all their girlie glory, giggling about how much they’d missed one another (despite nasty Page Six rumors to the contrary) and how excited they were about the film’s upcoming premiere on May 30.

The audience sipped cosmopolitans (at least that’s what they looked like from my side of the screen) as Oprah showed clips of the special screening of the film she had hosted the night before. That night, the same studio audience had been invited to watch a sneak preview of the film, but not before star Sarah Jessica Parker made a quick appearance and made them all hold up their right hands and swear not to discuss it with their friends before it opened. (Her exact words were, "You can brag, but you can’t blog.")

Oprah took care to give the cast equal time to discuss what they’d been up to since the show ended in 2004, though some of them had more interesting news to report than others. She asked Davis about what it was like to turn 40 (it "grounded" her), and asked Cattrall what it’s like to date a man 23 years her junior (newsflash: Cattrall likes it).

But she saved her big questions for Nixon. She inquired about Nixon’s battle with breast cancer, asking her if she had heard of Betty Rollin‘s cancer memoir, First, You Cry, and then, weirdly, asking if Nixon had indeed cried when she was first diagnosed. (Nixon said she had not.) After a brief discussion of Nixon’s lumpectomy and her resulting good health, Oprah quickly topic-hopped over to Nixon’s lesbian relationship with Christine Marinoni.

Oprah then asked Nixon another awkward question: "And then you fell in love with a woman. Were you as shocked as we were?"

To my delight, one of Nixon’s cast mates snappily joked, "Did you cry?" before Nixon briefly waxed poetic about her Marinoni. (Throughout the interview, they also displayed some nice pictures of Nixon and Marinoni, who are rumored to be getting married sometime soon, according to a source "close to the National Enquirer").

In fact, her cast mates were quick to rally around Nixon with effusive "love is love" and "we just want her to be happy" comments before Oprah could lay another egg.

Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis in a scene from
Sex and the City: The Movie

Oprah then told Nixon she’d heard that she met Marinoni, fell in love with her, and didn’t care if she was a man or a woman, ending with a puzzled, "So how does that work?" Nixon flashed a knowing smile and said, "You haven’t met my girlfriend."

Well-played, Ms. Nixon. That zinger would have made Miranda proud.

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