Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 2, 2008)

This week, Logo (our parent company) announced a new annual awards show called the NewNowNext Awards, which honors established and up-and-coming LGBT and LGBT-friendly actors, musicians, websites, films and TV shows. Here’s the official description:

Unlike other awards shows, the NewNowNext Awards will not look at the year past, but will instead focus on what is up-and-coming in popular culture in 2008 and beyond. The two-hour telecast will feature musical performances by The Cliks, Lady Gaga and Dangerous Muse and presenters will include filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell (Short Bus), actress Heather Matarazzo (Exes & Ohs) and designer Christian Siriano (Project Runway).

… An academy of voters made up editors from gay weeklies and newspapers from across the country, artistic directors of gay film festivals, musicians and bloggers will vote on the winners for many of the categories, with online users determining winners of others.

The show will be broadcast on Logo and on June 7.

Lesbian nominees we care about? Dorothy Snarker‘s blog Dorothy Surrenders is nominated for "Most Raddest Sickest Blog Ever"; Jackie Warner for "Most Addictive Reality Star"; The Clicks, Missy Higgins, Jamie Babbit for the "Brink of Fame: Filmmaker" category; and God-des and She for the "Brink of Fame: Music" category; and Sia for the "Kylie Award: Next International Crossover."

3Way and Dante’s Cove are nominated in the "Most Guiltiest Pleasure" category, setting up a smack-down between Jill Bennett and herself.

My money’s on Jill.

Also nominated in this category? The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Xanadu (the musical) and A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. Wait, forget about a Jill-Jill smack-down — let’s have Jill take down Tila Tequila instead!

In the "Brink of Fame: Comic" category, we have Julie Goldman and Bridget McManus.

Can we just say "Yes, please!" to both?

Michelle Paradise is nominated in the "Brink of Fame: Actress" category, along with Ellen Page.

They’re also both nominated in the Brainiest Women We Love category in my head.

Finally, in the "’Cause You’re Hot" category — yes, that’s the official category name — we have Jill Bennett and Tina Fey.

I think Jill herself will be voting for Tina Fey in this category.

We’ve also partnered with Logo to create our very own NewNowNext Award. We’ll announce the category and the nominees next week, but just in case you’re wondering, it’s not "The Best Lesbian on Broadcast TV." Because there would be no nominees.

Go on over to to vote for the nominees now.

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