Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 18, 2007)

"I like pin-up girls. I’m not a lesbian though — not before a sambuca anyway."

— Singer Amy Winehouse to Digital Spy

Tired of browsing online for lesbian-themed videos and finding nothing but
white women and porn (not necessarily in that order)? Check out
(that’s Jengo, not Jenga like the game), "an LGBT people of color media
network" which features original video and podcasts. What’s in it for lesbians?
Video shows like Chick Chat, podcasts by authors such as Fiona Zedde (Bliss)
and Lisa Moore (Spirited),
and video interviews with women such as musicians Hanifah
and Angie Stone, and out comedian Sandra Vall.

If you don’t know who Sandra Vall is, here’s a short clip of her doing stand-up:

Also check out and, a social network for young LGBT people of color.

Our guest on the last episode of She
Said What?
before we go on summer break is Kate McKinnon from Logo’s
The Big Gay Sketch Show (which has
just been renewed
for a second season
). Kate made a brilliant Heidi Klum in the Project
spoof (watch it in "Part 2" of the first episode here),
and a great Blair in The Facts of Life skit in Episode 2.

If you’ve never seen The Facts of Life, you don’t know what you’re
missing. Cheesy dialogue! Important Social Lessons! Lesbian subtext galore!

Now watch BGSS‘ take on Jo and Blair’s friendship (this is the first half of the skit; you have to watch the second half on Logo or via iTunes):

Of course, Jo and Blair end up in bed together by the end of the skit.

Watch She Said What? with Kate here, and watch a funny lesbian phone sex skit from BGSS here.

Canadian poet Dionne
has been short-listed
for the Ontario government’s prestigious Trillium Book Award.

This weekend in San Francisco, The
9th Annual Funny Girlz: A Smorgasbord of Women Comedians
features a lineup
of "African-American, Latina, Jewish, lesbian, and straight comics, plus
one drag queen."

The Daily Show reveals why lesbians like to watch the news. Damn, our secret’s out!

I’m taking a much-overdue vacation next week, testing the heretofore unproven
theory that it’s possible for me to stay off the computer for seven days in a row.
So that you won’t be deprived of your weekly dose of lesbian entertainment news
while I’m gone, Karman has graciously agreed to write next week’s Best. Lesbian.
Week. Ever. column. As my middle school teachers used to say when we had a substitute: Be nice to her, or I’ll make you watch bad lesbian movies when I
get back.

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for
another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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