Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 18, 2007)

Audie Awards
— the highest award in the audio book world — is coming up
on June 1st, and among this year’s nominees is the late and well-respected narrator
Kate Fleming, aka "Anna
," for her reading of Kati Marton’s The Great Escape.

Fleming, who unexpectedly died
in a flash flood
in Seattle last December, will be honored at the event,
and Kate’s partner Charlene Strong, as well as her mother, will be there to accept the
award on her behalf should she win.

She narrated A Beautiful Mind about mathematician
John Forbes Nash Jr., parts of the 9/11 Commission Report from the National
Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, and 250 other books. In 2004, she won an Audie Award for her work on All Over Creation,
a novel by Ruth Ozeki about farmers in the age of agribusiness. Fleming was also the owner and executive producer of Cedar House Audio.

Reader Kate G. wrote in to tell me more about Kate’s legacy:

This past December, Kate died in a tragic flood in Seattle, when she was
trapped in her basement trying to rescue audio equipment. Despite her partner,
Charlene Strong’s attempts to save her, Kate later died at the hospital. At
the hospital, Charlene was initially denied the right to be at her dying partner’s
side, until family members intervened and she was finally allowed through
in Kate’s final moments. Charlene has since testified before the Washington
legislature about her ordeal and was recently at the governor’s side when she signed Washington
State’s Domestic Partner Bill, which passed largely due to the testimony
about Kate and Charlene’s tragic ordeal (at least one key republican vote
was swayed by the testimony). An impressive legacy for any actress, narrator,
producer, lesbian, person to leave.

Impressive indeed. For more info on Kate, read her obituary in the Los Angeles Times or see her Wikipedia entry.

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