Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 18, 2007)


Work Out went out with a bang this week with a reunion special that
addressed questions like "Why is Andre so jealous of Jackie’s ability to
get ‘straight’ women?" "Did Rebecca hook up with Jackie just to get
more screen time?" and "Are Jackie and Rebecca still together?" (watch a clip of the special here).
Jackie declined to answer the last question (and Rebecca respected her wishes),
but the answer to that is firmly "no" according to everyone I know
who knows Jackie.

Jackie and Rebecca also said no to the second question, insisting that Rebecca’s
feelings for Jackie were/are genuine, and this one I believe.

Here’s the thing about Rebecca: I didn’t like her in the first season, at least
not as she was portrayed. She was way too inappropriately sexual and flirtatious,
and frankly, came across like an airhead. But my opinion about her changed for
the better this season, and not just because she’s suddenly playing for our

First, a disclaimer: As a businesswoman, I found it completely ridiculous that
Jackie would date an employee and that the two would flaunt it in front of the
other trainers. Jackie’s excuse — that "it’s different in a gym"
— doesn’t fly with me or most of the other women in business I know. Dating a
co-worker is one thing, but dating your employee and openly fawning all over
her at company events isn’t kosher, no matter what line of work you’re in.

But this is a reality show, after all, where inappropriate behavior is not
only condoned, it’s required.

So that issue aside, I admire Rebecca’s willingness to be open about her evolving
sexual orientation, as well as her refusal to define herself as gay or
straight just to make other people comfortable. Don’t get me wrong — I like a
clear definition myself and am quite happy to call myself a lesbian. But I
know that doesn’t work for everyone, and I admire Rebecca’s resolve in the face
of pressure from the other trainers and viewers for her to pick a side. It shows
a strength of character I didn’t expect, given how she was initially portrayed. Even if some of her motivation was to get more camera time, I don’t think that was all or even most of it.

And I’m not sure it even matters. Rebecca’s process of self-discovery — and that of Jackie’s other
girlfriend this season, Tiffany — is one a lot of previously straight women
can relate to. Watching both women’s low-key, matter-of-fact acceptance of their
newly discovered attraction to women was heartening (and sexy — as Malinda
noted in her review of Season 2 , "Work
presents some of the better-lit lesbian kissing to be seen on television").

And if this season’s been good for anything, it’s showing America — and Andre,
apparently — what lesbians around the world already know: that most a lot of straight
women are only one hot woman away from being not so straight anymore.

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: a lesbian Korean-American hip-hop artist. And she’s good! Check out Skim Skima at

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