Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 16, 2008)


Despite the recent PR challenges posed by the uproar surrounding Boob-gate, parent company NBC Universal announced that Jackie will soon be available on DVD.

Clear a section on your shelf next to your Tae Bo tapes — Workout: One-on-One Training With Jackie hits stores nationwide on May 20.

For those who simply can’t wait, the program, which also includes telegenic Sky Sport trainers Rebecca Cardon, Erika Jacobson and Agostina Laneri, is currently available online on Bravo’s website, and as a video-on-demand on ExerciseTV.

The NBC press release describes Jackie’s "signature" fitness program as a "20-minute upper-body, lower-body and core workout routine [which] combines body toning and fat burning. Each workout consists of circuit strength & toning, which is followed by short bursts of cardiovascular exercise to pump up the heart rate."

Jackie’s legion of straight housewife fans won’t need to get off the couch to get their heart rates pumping.

Not to be outdone, is working on a fitness DVD as well, designed by our writers. The signature program will feature heart-racing exercises such as procrastinating until the eleventh hour of a deadline, and gluteal isometrics that can be done while sitting at your computer for hours at a time.

Our philosophy is that you can write 7,000-word articles and still have a butt like a bowling ball.

by Dara Nai

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