Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 8, 2007)

This gratuitous "lesbian" moment is brought to you by the paparazzi who think it’s automatically Sapphic when two women kiss each other hello:

Thanks, Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth! You make loving fun.

In case you haven’t heard, last week Tegan and Sara‘s upcoming album The Con, due out July 24, leaked out onto the internet almost two months early, and Sara wrote on their MySpace blog: "we are sad that the album has already leaked. but there isn’t much you can do these days to stop it! so, looking on the bright side, there’s no excuse for anyone to not sing along to the new songs at the shows coming up."

She concluded with a P.S.: "i have downloaded leaked albums before. so i am not trying to seem like a creepy school teacher slapping your ears with a ruler. i swear."

And then the Canadian twins proved how cool they are by adding two tracks from their new album, "The Con" and "Back in Your Head," to their MySpace page and announcing that they’ll release the entire album early on iTunes — by June 19 if they can, June 26 at the latest. The CD itself, as well as a DVD, will still be in stores July 24.

Look for our interview with Tegan and Sara later this month, and go here to listen to their new songs.

Catch Sarah and Karman this Sunday in L.A. at the South of Nowhere Appreciation Conference, where they will share their wisdom from 1 to 2 p.m. on "South of Nowhere and lesbian visibility." If you must throw things at them, they ask for money. Large bills are appreciated. (And come back on Monday to see photos from the Spashley Event of the Year!)

Wednesday night on Top Chef 4 Star All Stars, bisexual chef Tiffani Faison helped her Season 1 teammates soundly defeat the foursome from Season 2 by preparing a dish of roasted Kobe beef topped with carpaccio of the same, served with polenta. You can watch the entire episode here for free. Next week, Season 3 of Top Chef premieres, and we’ll have an interview with its out lesbian contestant, Miami chef Sandee Birdsong.

Last week at the French Open, fifth-seeded, openly lesbian tennis star Amelie Mauresmo suffered a groin injury that unfortunately took her out of the running to win. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Amelie!

This weekend as part of the month-long orgy of Pride celebrations in San Francisco, the 3rd Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival offers three days of films and panel discussions. I’ll be at Saturday’s panel on Queer Black Women’s Films and Filmmakers, where director Cheryl Dunye (Watermelon Woman), Sundance programmer Shari Frilot and writer-director Tina Mabry (Brooklyn’s Bridge to Jordan, Itty Bitty Titty Committee) will, I’m sure, give me tons to think about. If you’re in the area, stop by the festival — the film screenings are free!

As Karman noted a couple of weeks ago, Anne Heche is in the midst of divorcing her estranged husband, Coley Laffoon. It appears that the judge in the matter might be siding with jilted lesbians everywhere; last week Laffoon was granted temporary custody of their 5-year-old son and was awarded $19,000 in child support. Poor Anne. Is she ever gonna shake her reputation for, um, eccentric behavior?

This column made’s list of the ten “best lesbian blogs.” It’s a good week for and lists.

And last but not least: Good news for lesbians facing homophobia! According to a new ad in Variety promoting The L Word to Emmy voters, lesbians are now "people"! Now I can finally rest easy.

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for a new installment of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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