Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 6, 2008)


Reality show contestant Sirbrina Guerrero is having a helluva month. In Episode 5 of MTV’s A Shot at Love 2 With Tila Tequila, the Seattle resident was sent packing by everyone’s favorite opportuni-sexual Bratz doll. Guerrero’s search for love was thwarted once again when she was told to stop kissing her female date during a Seattle Mariners home game last week.

I thought getting to first base was a good thing.

The Associated Press reports that Guerrero and her lady date were confronted by a stadium attendant during the third inning and told their macking was making one nearby woman uncomfortable. What makes me uncomfortable is the power one uptight fan can have.

According to Guerrero, she and her date were told to stop their "inappropriate" PDA because the complaining woman was worried for nearby parents, who might have to explain two women kissing to their children. Like the kids don’t already know about girl-on-girl kissing, thanks to Madonna and Britney, Lindsay and Sam, and Spashley.

"I was really just shocked," Guerrero told reporters. "Seattle is so gay-friendly. There was a couple, like, seven rows ahead, making out. We were just showing affection."

Apparently, there’s not only no crying in baseball, there’s no kissing either. But only if you’re gay.

News of the incident spread like wildfire in the local media and on the internet, where people weighed in on Guerrero’s treatment by the stadium and opened discussions about PDA double standards. Seriously. I have no desire to see straight couples grabbing each other’s asses when I go the movies; whom do I complain to?

Other allegations of "groping" in the stands were denied by Guerrero, who said she and her date were merely enjoying the game, eating garlic fries, and giving each other "brief" kisses. Since they never got to second base, sounds like the only real crime here was eating garlic and kissing.

by Dara Nai

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