Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 27, 2008)


While Ellen DeGeneres took home her fourth consecutive Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host last weekend, the bigger news was that she and fiancée Portia de Rossi have set a date for their wedding. No, they didn’t say what date. I mean, they have to make the paparazzi work for it a little.

Backstage after winning her Emmy, DeGeneres spoke with the press about her feelings about getting married and her plans for the big day. De Rossi wore her engagement ring, a Neil Lane marquis-cut diamond set with pink diamonds, to the awards ceremony.

DeGeneres announced her engagement to de Rossi on her show in May the day after the California Supreme Court released its historic ruling overturning the ban on gay marriage. At the Daytime Emmys, DeGeneres was excited about not only her nuptials, but all gay marriages, saying:

I feel like it is long overdue. And I think someday people will look back on this like women not having the right to vote and segregation and anything else that seems ridiculous like we all don’t have the same rights, that we’re not all the same people. So I feel thrilled and I can’t wait to get married.

Of course the wedding planning itself is another matter: "Planning a wedding is very stressful, I’m realizing. It’s just crazy. Like my gardener is now invited. It’s just spread, it’s huge."

While she didn’t leak any specific details, DeGeneres said it would be their "dream wedding" with "incredible people singing and things happening." De Rossi’s family is flying in from Australia for the event. And when asked if her Emmys would be there, too, she said yes, "on top of the cake." OK, but just be careful when cutting the cake. Those things could take an eye out.

Out cartoonist and acclaimed graphic novelist Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home and Dykes to Watch Out For, penned an exclusive graphic essay for that Entertainment Weekly special issue we keep writing about. Titled "Compulsory Reading," the four-page comic explored her life-long love of reading and aversion to books that people tell her she should read.

It starts off with a shameful confession about how behind she is on her reading. I swear, it’s like she is drawing my latent reading guilt and turned it into a comic strip.

Oh mighty gods of literature, please do not smite me and damn me to eternity wedged between product placement specialists and media strategists. I promise to read more, just spare me that unholy fate.

The strip goes on to talk about her omnivorous reading habits as a child, repeated love for Harriet the Spy and eventual disdain for any books her parents — and friends — told her to read. In short, it’s fantastic. You should read it. Otherwise, there could be a warm spot in hell waiting for you along with an endless supply of Windows 98 manuals.

by Dorothy Snarker

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