Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 27, 2008)

For some reason, the July 4 issue of Entertainment Weekly is a veritable gold mine of material for this week’s BLWE column. If they could keep it up, it would make finding things to write about a heck of a lot easier in a world where lesbian news is sometimes as scarce as a porterhouse at a vegan convention.

In the issue, The Office star Rainn Wilson did a photo spread of classic TV roles, including MacGyver, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos, and Xena, because he knows that nothing says dress-up fun like a bra made during the Bronze Age.

Rainn reports that he watched Xena because it was "oddly titillating" and, like us, he "kept wanting to see more cleavage." Take a number, Rainn.

Note the attention to detail:

The only thing missing, aside from Lucy Lawless‘ innate hotness, are her ice-blue peepers.

There can only be one true Xena. Lucy has nothing to worry about.

Also in the July 4 issue of Entertainment Weekly, special guest contributor Jodie Foster shared her thoughts on the top "New Classic Near-Death Experiences" in film. Jodie fans can have their own near-death experiences by turning to page 21 and having their hearts stopped by this photo:

Maybe it’s her degree in literature from Yale coming out, but five of her 10 picks were films based on novels: Fearless, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Last Temptation of Christ, Into the Wild and The Life Before Her Eyes.

But can The Last Temptation of Christ truly be categorized as a "near-death" experience? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it a "death-in-an-everlasting-life-kind-of-a-way" experience? To see the list in its entirety, sans awesome Jodie head shot, go here.

Not that anyone asked me, but my list (of one) for "Best Character After a Near-Death Experience" goes to Jodie as Erica Bains in The Brave One.

Any movie where Jodie replies to the question, "Are you a cop?" with a cool, calm, yet edgy, "You wish," is my kind of movie.

by Dara Nai

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