Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 22, 2007)



The Dresden Dolls are just one of several bands earning droves of new fans as they blaze across the country on the True Colors Tour this summer. The tour, created by headliner Cyndi Lauper, benefits the Human Rights Campaign (the national gay and lesbian advocacy organization) and features Erasure, Blondie, the Gossip (whose lead singer, Beth Ditto, is an out lesbian), Lauper and the Dresden Dolls.

Openly bisexual singer Amanda Palmer and fellow Doll Brian Viglione are known for their eccentric performances and enthusiastic promotion of sexual freedom. In a recent interview with the blog Lone Star Verve, Palmer proclaimed, "The Dresden Dolls have always waved the giant flag of expressionism and individualism. We’ve always been very clear that we’re a trans-friendly, gay-friendly, freak-loving band."

For more info on the Dresden Dolls, watch this candid new video interview with Amanda, who talks about the joys of music, fashion and being mistaken for a man:


"I got to tell you, I’ve been hanging around with those heteros for a full year and it’s not fun. Turn around one minute and they’ll stab you in the back with a high heel. They will." — Rosie O’Donnell, Sunday night at the Columbia, Md., stop of the True Colors tour


The charming and composed Coral Smith of MTV’s The Real World: Back to New York fame came out as a lesbian in an interview with Outlook Magazine this week. Check out ScribeGrrrl’s blog for the whole story.

Out lesbian contestant Sandee Birdsong packed up her knives and went home this week on Bravo’s Top Chef. Read the interview with her here.

The 2007 Golden Crown Literary Awards (aka the "Goldies"), honoring the best in lesbian writing, were handed out this week. For a complete list of the winners, go to the Golden Crown website.

Following our stellar example, our brother site is taking votes for it’s own Hot 100 list — this one dedicated to the men who gay men think are hot. So tell all of your gay guy friends to go weigh in. (And you and your girlfriends should stay out of it! Just as we didn’t want men voting on our list, they don’t want women voting on theirs.)

Former lesbian Venus magazine publisher-turned-ex-gay Christian Charlene Cothran took her “you can be saved from homosexuality” message to TV yesterday as a guest on Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club. Read all about it on the excellent gay news blog

Battlestar Galactica geeks fans rejoice! The BSG powers that be have announced that the upcoming television movie based on the show will include (SPOILER WARNING) references to a past lesbian romance between hard-assed Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes) and slinky cylon Number Six (Tricia Helfer). Secret love? This explains the relentless torture of Six at Cain’s hands in Season 2. Oh, now I get it. Cain and Six are the Tracy and Hepburn of the 12 Colonies! Read more about it on Malinda’s blog.

A reader (thanks solesister!) told us that BBC Radio held a contest in which the prize was full payment for the wedding of one lucky couple. Listeners met the couples and cast their votes. The winners? A lesbian couple getting married at Glastonbury today, and theirs will be the the first lesbian wedding to air live on U.K. radio. To listen online, go to 

As Malinda reported in her blog, the new South of Nowhere promo for Season 3 aired this week. Boys kissing girls, girls kissing girls, girls kissing girls we’ve never seen before — hey! Who’s that girl?

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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