Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 20, 2008)

Renee O’Connor. Lesbian relationship. Army Wives. That was the plan before the Writers Guild strike, and that was one of the reasons many of us were excited about the second season of the popular Lifetime show, which began earlier this month.

Unfortunately, plans change, and it looks like Renee’s lesbian/bi character won’t be making an appearance this season, after all.

Series creator Katherine Fugate gave this explanation on her website:

renee herself is not the issue. she has fans all around.
when we returned from the strike, the scripts hadn’t even been written yet. there was a long discussion with many different important players on what season 2 should be about. storylines are being revisited and some have changed — as can be expected when the scripts haven’t been written and one discovers what "feels" right and what doesn’t for an entire season. as always, i will be on the lookout for a part for renee. as i have always done. it will happen. don’t lose faith.

Call me jaded, but I’m not surprised. Between the strike, Army Wives‘ showrunner turnover (it’s currently on its third), and the increased sappiness of the story lines so far this season — pregnancy, an absent husband, a daughter’s death — my guess is that someone at Lifetime wants to play it safe with their highest-rated show ever.

Femming up the female lieutenant colonel in the ads and on the show is another telling sign.

Unfortunately for Lifetime, and for us, a lesbian relationship is exactly what Army Wives needs right now. The show that dealt with edgy topics in its first season — surrogacy, a son hitting his mother, and a female soldier facing post-traumatic stress syndrome — is suddenly starting to feel more like a Lifetime movie of the week. The reason the series earned such high ratings in the first place is because it broke the sappy Lifetime mold — why revert to form now?

Renee did comment on making’s Hot 100 again this year, though, telling us, "I am Woman, hear me Roar!!! Thank you ALL. I’m feeling sexy and lucky today!"

Renee in this month’s issue of New Zealand’s Next Magazine

You can still catch Renee in her upcoming movie Monster Ark (formerly Genesis Code), debuting Saturday, Aug. 9, on Sci Fi, and at the Toronto Fan Expo Aug. 23–24.

You can keep up with our weekly Army Wives mini recaps here. Just don’t expect any asking, or telling, anytime soon.

Contrary to what we previously told you (and what other media outlets have also reported), Olivia Newton-John‘s character Bitsy Mae in Logo’s upcoming series Sordid Lives is not a lesbian.

Turns out Logo’s publicity department (yes, we get info about Logo shows through their publicity department just like everyone else) initially made a mistake in telling us she was gay. Although Bitsy Mae does have a relationship with a woman late in the series, her character "doesn’t like labels" and is more accurately described as bisexual. Either way, her sexuality doesn’t figure prominently into the show until the second half of the season.

The good news is … she’s still a country singer!

With hair like that, you know Bitsy Mae’s got to be at least a little bit gay.

by Sarah Warn

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