Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 20, 2008)

Here! TV announced this week that it has acquired the rights to broadcast the acclaimed British series Sugar Rush on its all-gay, all-the-time premium cable network.

With a lineup that consists mostly of the man-meat platters Dante’s Cove and The Lair — both of which feature more than their share of wood (which is also one way to describe the acting) — the addition of Sugar Rush to here! TV’s programming schedule will give it a much-needed lesbian boost, starting this fall with Season 1.

As many of you know, the first season of Sugar Rush introduced 15-year-old lamb on wry Kim (Olivia Hallinan) to outrageous and outrageously hot Maria Sweet, aka Sugar (Lenora Crichlow). Before you could say "sexual awakening," Kim dove head-first into the sweet, deep abyss otherwise known as lesbian obsession, and became immersed in a new world of sex, drugs and tandem bathing with underwater footsie, all thanks to the object of her desire.

Sugar is what my mother very erroneously called a "bad influence."

Sugar Rush won the 2006 International Emmy Award for Best Children & Young People program, which sort of blows my American mind. While Kim showed the world other interesting uses for an electric toothbrush, in the U.S., Spencer and Ashley spent most of their time playing with each other’s hair. Which one is the "misspent youth" again?

Season 2 will also air on here!, giving audiences the opportunity to meet Saint (Sarah-Jane Potts). While Sugar languished in the big house, having been arrested for being awesome and kicking ass, Saint and Kim realize their chemistry is undeniable. Later, Kim cheats on Saint with a "psycho bitch" named Anna.

What here! press releases call a "highly-compelling character-driven series," we call juicy lesbian drama.

Sex, stealing, drugs, violence, prison and lesbian infidelity. It’s unbelievable Sugar Rush was never renewed for a third season.

Until fall, here’s a clip of Kim and Saint, so you can see what’s in store for here! audiences.

**You can not trust everything you read on the internets, which is what this clueless American did while researching this post. The kissy-face image shown is not Kim and Saint, it’s Kim and Montana. And Kim was with Anna before Saint came along. Thanks to everyone who caught those inexcusable errors. I’m still learning about this show, but one thing is becoming clear to me; Kim gets around. I like her already.

The only girl named Montana I’ve heard of is Hannah. And the only Saint I know is the wacky-weed on Dante’s Cove, which is what I’ve clearly been smoking. I need to be watching this show!

by Dara Nai

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