Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 13, 2008)



AE reader Aimee tipped us off that BBC2 is currently airing the second season
of Mary,
Queen of Shops
, in which successful fashion retailer and out lesbian
Mary Portas "descends on failing businesses, Gordon Ramsay-style,
and advises the proprietor how to turn things round," as one British newspaper

The second-season debut received over 2.8 million viewers in the U.K.

But I’m a little confused. Someone said lesbians don’t have any fashion sense.
And I could swear they said we’re not funny, either. Hmm, maybe it was the same person
who told Tila Tequila she was responsible for legalizing gay
marriage in California …

Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb and Gay
Girls Who Game
weren’t able to give you new episodes this week, because
Ghostella’s tape recorder was sent to the shop after it unexpectedly began playing
Milli Vanilli on a loop, and Tracy and Angela played so much Grand Theft
Auto 4
last week they accidentally boosted a real car and were unable
to film a new episode last week from jail (slackers!). Both will be back with
new episodes next week.

Because some of you have asked: Yes, Come
With Me if You Want to Live
will be back, but because Dee and Jenn
are in two totally different locations this summer, we may have to wait until
later this summer or the fall to get them vlogging together again. They’re as
bummed about this as we are, but for some reason, they think vlogging isn’t
quite as important as finishing their education. (What is the world
coming to?!)

In better news: Michelle Paradise will be back beginning
the next week with new episodes of her behind-the-scenes of Exes
& Ohs
once or twice a month. She’ll focus on the second-season
development process, from the writing (which is happening now) to the shooting
later this summer/fall (on location, and on-set in Vancouver), through the editing
process to the premiere of the second season early next year.

We’ll have a new episode of She Made Me Watch This! for you on Monday. Lori and I and a mystery guest will be reviewing/discussing Gimme Sugar, the second season debuts of Army Wives and My Boys, and the new Mary McCormack FBI series In Plain Sight.

Finally, we have a new WNBA vlog, From the Cheap Seats, launching
Saturday. Each weekend, AE readers and walking WNBA encyclopedias Michelle
and Becca will discuss the highlights of the week’s WNBA games and give their
thoughts on the players and teams. (Sheryl Swoopes stamps not included.)

Thanks in no small part to your votes, Entertainment Weekly’s 28 TV Castmates With Perfect Chemistry includes two lesbian couples: Bette and Tina at No. 11, and Spashley at No. 25. You go, AE readers!

Logo is now syndicating the first season of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila.
An LGBT TV channel airing a show that promotes really negative stereotypes about
bisexual women (and lesbians and Asian-American women)? In an environment in
which there are no positive images of bi women on TV to balance it out? Worst. Decision. Ever.

This weekend in Washington, D.C., Women in the Life Association launches its first-ever film festival for women of color during Capitol Pride week (thanks Shortypants!). It kicks off Friday night with a screening of black. womyn., a documentary featuring interviews with Staceyann Chin, Hanifah Walidah and more.

Openly gay Canadian Rachel Zolf, a previous Trillium nominee,
won the prestigious Trillium
Book Award
for Best English language Book of Poetry, along with a $10,000

This month in San Francisco, the National Queer Arts Festival is featuring a free exhibit of queer art and artists called Making Room for Wonder at the SomArts Gallery. Go here for more details.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and his wife are so supportive
of their openly gay 18-year-old daughter
, they offered to watch The
L Word
with her. Her response? Um, thanks but no thanks, Dad.

Dorothy Snarker’s blog, Dorothy Surrenders, won the Audience Award for Most Totally Rad Sickest Blog Ever at the NewNowNext Awards. Congratulations, Dorothy!

We have finalized a location for our San Francisco Meet-up: We’ll be at the Lookout, at 3600 16th Street at Market Street in the Castro, on June 22 from 2-4 p.m. Karman Kregloe, Bridget McManus, Malinda Lo and Sarah Pecora will be there. Go here for more details and to discuss the meet-up.

by Sarah Warn

That’s it for this week! Got the inside scoop on a hot new lesbian/bi actor/musician/TV show/film? Tell us at Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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