Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 1, 2007)


In preparation for the June 18th debut of Logo’s new, six-episode reality series Curl Girls, we’ve just launched our new Curl Girls section with lots of photos and videos, like these:

If you recognize Erin in the video above, it’s because she was featured in Logo’s original 2005 Curl Girls special, which was the inspiration for this new 2007 series (Erin and Vanessa are the only two from the special who ended up in the series). Since our site is now owned by Logo, we get extra photos and videos, but we’ll still write a (fair and balanced) review of the series when it debuts and make fun of it with lengthy weekly recaps, like we do with The L Word and Work Out.

And trust me: on a show about six lesbian/bi women who spend their free time surfing, drinking, fighting and hooking up, there is plenty to make fun of.


Rosie may have abruptly departed The View (see Scribe Grrrl’s article on why this was inevitable), but I hear through the industry grapevine that Rosie has already inked a deal to host her own talk show to air possibly as early as this fall. She’s also working on a book about her struggles with fame titled Celebrity Detox, according to People magazine. Is America ready for All Rosie, All the Time? I’m not sure …

I had lunch with Xena‘s Renee O’Connor when she was in town yesterday, and she caught me up on the various projects she’s working on now, including a role in the new Western Ghost Town, opening this weekend in limited release. She plays a role that was originally written for a man, and she says they didn’t change a thing when they cast her in the role (unfortunately, seducing a woman was not part of her character’s story line). Find out more about the movie here.

In case you missed our blog post about it, Heroes is adding a lesbian cheerleader named April as a recurring character next season. We’ll let you know when we know more.

Openly gay Cuban-American contestant Daisy made it to the final three on Bravo’s Shear Genius, but she lost the big prize to fellow contestant Anthony this week. readers still love her, though.

Good news for Kristanna Loken fans, not-so-good news for fans of TV writing that doesn’t suck: The Sci Fi channel has picked up Painkiller Jane for a second season, according to my sources. Yeah, I don’t really understand it, either, but I’m happy for Kristanna, and at least we’ll have an out actress on cable TV awhile longer.

On June 9th, Australia’s SBS TV will debut Kick, a new multicultural ensemble drama that includes a story line about a young woman named Layla who is engaged to a man, but finds herself falling for another woman. (Thanks to Raven and Amanda for the tip!)

There’s one openly bisexual woman on the new season of the U.K.’s Big Brother.

We said we were going to compile your/our list of Hotties by the end of this week, but it turns out we couldn’t sift through the 783 comments (!) worth of names that quickly. But look for it on the blog early by early next week (we hope).

After four years of devoting a dozen hours each week to writing this column, I’ve decided to share the pain wealth with my staff. Starting next week, Karman, Malinda, Scribe Grrrl and I will take turns writing Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever., which means we’ll each be writing it once a month. Why the change, you ask? So you can get a fresh take on your lesbian entertainment news, and so I can take a breather now and then — it’s a lot of work trying to come up with new ways to make fun of bisexual women getting killed in horror movies, and lesbians getting pregnant on TV. But don’t worry, nothing else about this column will change — same format, same schedule (new every Friday) and same great (or not-so-great, depending on the week) lesbian/bisexual entertainment news. Just different snarkers.

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for a new installment of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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