Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 6, 2007)


You may have noticed a nifty little link on our front page that now leads to Angela Robinson‘s lesbian web series, Girltrash. That’s right, has recently tied the knot with, and our new relationship brings this sexy series directly to you every Sunday. As Karman explained earlier this week, the series includes a number of our favorite actresses, from Margaret Cho to The L Word‘s Rose Rollins.

Last month at the South of Nowhere Appreciation Conference in Los Angeles, Mandy Musgrave, Gabrielle Christian and Maeve Quinlan — who are all in Girltrash — joined Angela Robinson at a panel to discuss the series. If you missed the conference, don’t worry! You can now watch it online. The panelists are introduced in Part 1, and in Part 2, Robinson talks about their guerilla shooting tactics (that’s shooting the film, not shooting guns) that resulted in Mandy and Gabby getting in some trouble with the cops during their convenience store robbery scene.

According to, openly lesbian singer Beth Ditto of the Gossip is in talks with British clothing retailer New Look to design her own line of clothes; the store recently brought in Lily Allen to do the same. Earlier this year Beth also wanted to design clothes for "big girls" for British chain store Top Shop, and she has been writing an advice column for British newspaper The Guardian. This leads me to ask: Hey Beth, are you becoming British? This is OK, I guess (I have a lifelong history of being an Anglophile, after all), but please, please, don’t take up a Madonna-esque accent.

Pirate Master‘s openly closeted lesbian contestant, Jupiter Mendoza, is still going strong on the CBS reality series, even though its ratings have been steadily slipping. I admit I’ve been watching the series, hoping to get some campy good cheer out of it, but the show has started to turn into a Kmart version of Survivor with leftover Halloween Store pirate costumes, and my interest is rapidly flagging. Nonetheless, good luck, Jupiter! May the best wench win.

This weekend, more than 100 musical artists will come together for a 24-hour concert you might have heard about called Live Earth, which aims "to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis." NBC will broadcast a three-hour special on Saturday night including performances from Melissa Etheridge, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira and others, but if you want to see more, you can watch 18 hours of live coverage on Bravo or attach yourself to your computer to watch it all online. Apparently Live Earth is following Green Event Guidelines to make sure it makes the minimum environmental impact, but I still haven’t figured out the lowest-impact way for me to watch the concerts. Maybe I’ll turn off all my electronics instead and go for a hike.

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of
Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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