Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 4, 2008)

Bisexual Australian singer/songwriter Missy Higgins will be on the Fine Living Network’s new series It’s Easy Being Green this Saturday, July 5, at 2:30 p.m. PT.

She will be discussing her green tour travels with hostess Renee Loux.
Missy is also an advocate for the Sierra Club’s 2 percent initiative, which “which seeks an 80 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2050, or 2 percent a year.”

The musician recorded a PSA for the organization, as did William Shatner. Missy’s is better, especially because of that accent. (Don’t you just love how she says “ca-hs?”) Also, as of press time, her music career is going way better than Shatner’s.

Musician Alanis Morissette recently went on The Howard Stern Show recently to promote her new album, and was (of course) prodded to discuss her past sexual experiences — including those involving the fairer sex.

Alanis said she “experimented” in her teens and 20s with “lesbianism” and that it wasn’t an “intellectualized process for her.”

Alanis: It’s a self-defining thing.
Stern: You say you’re not attracted to women anymore?
Alanis: Yeah I’m pretty heterosexual … It was just kind of a go-with-it thing, explore, you know, sort of experience — I’m an experience junkie. So I like to experience everything and then step back and go, “Does that work for me?” I like to connect with people. So … Women like to have sort of connection, some kind of intimacy.
Stern: But where does Alanis Morissette find her women?
Alanis: Women are everywhere.
Stern: Yeah, where are you, a knitting club? Is it a fellow musician? How does this come about? Do you go to a club? Do you dance? What happens? I know you like to dance.
Alanis: I love to dance.

The interview continued with Stern trying to get dirty details out of Alanis and where she “found her women” and if she is now more hetero because there wasn’t anyone there to “finish the job.” (Has he been listening to Usher?)

Stern certainly is a class act, but Alanis eventually steered him back to the topic at hand (her music) and launched into a song (about a dude). I would say that’s ironic, but I’m not sure if that’s the proper definition of the word.

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams reported this week that Rosie O’Donnell was splitting up with long-time partner Kelli Carpenter. Adams also wrote, “Whatever other difficulties such a breakup might cause, there is also a houseful of adopted kids they’re raising.”

In response, Rosie jokingly wrote to credible reporter Perez Hilton:

cindy adams and i r having a full blown affair. she is a lesbian.

The 90-year-old columnist might have her facts wrong, but I don’t think we should give Rosie free reign to call her gay. No self-respecting lesbian would ever wear the get-ups this broad does.

by Trish Bendix

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