Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 31, 2009)

"Maybe being a lesbian in TV, people look at you like you fit into the boys club a little. Actually, I think it’s an advantage because it is such a male-dominated industry. I think that’s why straight men love lesbians, because we can be great friends. And I think the crews really respect that. The people I’ve worked with, I’ve been really lucky. I have not felt the discrimination…at least not that I know of. Oh God, maybe people were talking about me! (laughs)"

— Writer/showrunner Linda Wallem (Nurse Jackie), in an inteview with, about her experience as an out lesbian in the entertainment industry.


The second issue of
the Detective Comics
series featuring the
lesbian Batwoman
on sale yesterday. I haven’t had time to read it yet, but I’m loving
the artwork! 

Here are two of the opening
from the second issue:

And here’s a
look at Kate sans her
Batwoman costume, from the first issue:

You can download previews of the first two issues, and see cover art for the next three, at
the DC Comics website.


Photojournalist Angela Jimenez has published a new book of photography about the Michigan Womyn’s Festival, Welcome Home: Building the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

HBO came out on top of GLAAD’s annual Responsibility Index, which grades the networks based on their LGBT-friendly programming.

Go here for
information on the campaign to save Los
Hombres de Paco

B.J. Fletcher, Private Eye, the winner of our first annual web series contest last year, has landed a TV development deal

Iron Chef America‘s Cat Cora gave birth to a son, Nash Lemuel Cora, on July 19.

A new Washington Post article questions the absence of lesbian couples on the WNBA jumbotrons.

DJ Samantha Ronson has designed a new line of sneakers for Supra.

Homo a Go Go, also known as “ultimate Gaycation,” kicks off at San Fran’s Lexington Club on August 13.

Some men’s magazines are calling for a media blackout on all Megan Fox-related stories on August 4. (Good luck with that.)

The new unauthorized biography of Rachel Maddow is chock full of information we already know.

Out author Sarah Waters is on the 2009 Booker prize longlist.

Lesbian fantasies are used to sell cars in the new film The Goods: Lie Hard, Sell Hard.

President Barack Obama will honor out tennis legend Billie Jean King as one of 16 recipients to the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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