Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 27, 2007)

But it’s still impressive that “Free To Be You and Me” was on ABC Family, of all channels. Julie Plec, supervising producer/writer of the show, told that some viewers cried “gay agenda” right after the episode aired: “We got hammered on some of the chat boards.” But that won’t stop them from including a gay character on the show, if the circumstances are right:

I think that it’s always a possibility. I mean, I’m a big believer that what you never want to do is … just introduce a gay character for the sake of having a gay character. … I love it when they do it on other shows because it’s very important, but to just kind of like, “Hey, guess what? This character is coming out, and it’s very painful,” and you know we’ll never see them again — I don’t want to do it that way. I think that as seasons go on, there’s always the possibility of that, because I think a positive portrayal in television is … sort of the most important thing we can do.

Yeah, it sort of is — to us, anyway! Maybe I will watch this show again sometime, if the ABC Family execs are going to be that cool.

The thing that surprised me most about the episode, though, was the use of the word “lesbionic.” Since when is that part of the larger pop-culture parlance? Can a show called The Lesbionic Woman be far off? It could star Katee Sackhoff as a kick-ass technologically enhanced baddie and … oh, wait.

Just for fun, here’s a clip of Free To Be You and Me, the celebrated kids’ album and TV special created by Marlo Thomas. It’s devoid of gay teenagers, straight teenagers who kiss to prove a point and navel-less teenagers stymied by systematic oppression. Otherwise, it’s exactly like Kyle XY.

Yep, that’s Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack. They have navels, last I heard.


A reader (thanks, MJ!) sent us some info about a new Filipino film called Retaso, slated to screen at the Cinemalaya 2007 festival.

MJ helpfully translated the trailer thusly: “In their small world, two women, Lena and Delsa, are slaves to their plight and succumb to their ordinary lives. But fate will bring them together: a woman who’s lost in her own past and another who wants to escape. One tries to find peace, and the other is haunted by her past, but both are in need of protection. They will be brought together by destiny to reconstruct their lives from fragments. With each other, can they escape, or do they have to become one to be truly free?”

OK, I’ve seen the trailer, and I think the bigger question is: Why do these trailers always have to end just as the women are about to kiss? Translate this, trailer people!

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