Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 25, 2008)

Many readers wrote in to tell us of the passing on July 14 of talented singer-songwriter Katie Reider after a two-year battle with a rare tumor that overtook her face and prevented her from performing.

The 30-year-old Cincinnati native released her first CD in 1998 and was lauded with local and national music awards. Her blend of folk and rock earned her comparisons to Shawn Colvin, and her music had already garnered attention from major record labels.

She moved to New York with her partner, Karen, and their two sons in order to continue developing her career in music. Reider toured with Catie Curtis, Melissa Ferrick, Michelle Malone, Antigone Rising and Ember Swift before falling ill in 2006.

Watch a video of Reider’s story below:

In order to help her family with expenses, one of Reider’s friends has created a benefit website containing Reider’s videos and a collection of music available for download for only $1. Content will continue to be added over the course of the project’s planned one-year lifetime.

Reider’s partner, Karen, recently told The New York Times: "Sometimes she’d cry out in pain: ‘God, give me mercy.’ But she never doubted there was a purpose. She never lost her faith. And I have to believe this can be life-changing in a positive way because Katie would have expected nothing less.”

by Karman Kregloe

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