Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 25, 2008)

On the U.K. reality show Britain’s Missing Top Model, women with disabilities compete for a shot at appearing in a Marie Claire photo spread.

One of the top contestants, Jessica, had a difficult time on this week’s episode, but it had nothing to do with her disability: She was put off by having to fake an attraction to a male model for the camera.

Jessica, who has HNNP and ME, wasn’t excited about the challenge of inciting "chemistry and intimacy" with a male model, and didn’t linger with the guys and the other girls back at their hotel after the shoot. When the group discussion turned to relationships, the other girls pointed out — for the first time on the air during the series — that Jessica is a lesbian.

Jessica in a photo shoot from Britain’s Missing Top Model

"I really hate when people go ‘Jess is a lesbian! Jess is a lesbian!’" Jessica said in an interview. "It really annoys me. Why is it a big deal?"

Obviously, the other girls wanted the boys to know straightaway that Jessica was unavailable to them, leaving the remaining four girls with better hook-up odds. That was fine with Jessica; she went to bed saying, "I need to go de-male myself."

During elimination, Jessica was in the bottom two because she was uncomfortable getting up close and personal, but luckily the judges liked her photo enough to keep her on the show. She will compete on the finale next week, which airs on BBC 3 on Tuesday, July 29.

If Jessica had paid any attention to past seasons of America’s Next Top Model, Jessica would have known that a challenge like this was bound to happen. And really, it’s hard to feel bad for her when poor Michelle in Cycle 7 had to get sexy in a bed with Fabio. Is there really any worse worst-case scenario for a lesbian?

HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU THINK SHE’S HEARD "POKER IN THE REAR"? reader hrj202 told us about out lesbian poker player Vanessa Selbst, who will be playing in the World Poker Tour Championship Ladies No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament on Aug. 18, which will be aired on the Game Show Network. The Brooklyn-based 24-year-old is ranked 66th in the nation and recently came in first at the 2008 World Series of Poker. She is the first woman to ever do so — which means she is the first lesbian, as well.

According to Wikipedia, Selbst’s earnings exceed $680,000. But the entry does not give any details on her personal life, such as if she’s single or possibly interested in becoming a sugar mama. Anyone care to make a wager that Selbst has a very lucky girlfriend?

by Trish Bendix

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