Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 25, 2008)


At the TCA press tour last week, Malinda got some dish from executive producer
Ken Mok on the next season of America’s
Next Top Model
, which premieres Wednesday, Sept. 3. It’s been several seasons on Top Model since
there was a lesbian or bi contestant. Can we expect anything this next cycle?

Ken Mok: I think you’ll have just as much variety of contestants
on the show as you’ve had in every cycle. It’s not a bland bunch.

AE: You can’t confirm any gay contestants this year?
KM: I think I can. There is a contestant on the show this
year who is a lesbian, and expresses herself incredibly well and articulately,
and is a great, positive influence on the show.

AE: Do you know what her name is? Have you released those names yet?
KM: We haven’t released the names, but she’s a real
contender on the show, very capable girl.

An articulate lesbian contestant who’s a positive influence sounds encouraging. But
can she rock this Top Model tee?

In case you were wondering, the
— with its rhinestone-outlined lipstick print and the boldly
emblazoned word fierce — is "appropriate to wear every day
and on the runway," according to the CW, because "a girl knows when
she looks good she is Fierce!"

Lesbian Lifestyle sold separately.

Openly gay singer/songwriter Sarah Slaton, who hails from Denver, will be releasing her first solo album,
11:19, next month. She’ll also be touring through the Midwest beginning
in September, but you can already check out some of her songs on her MySpace

Sarah Slaton

On her MySpace profile, Sarah cites spicy foods and winter trees among her
many influences. Personally, I’ve found fall foliage to have a greater impact
on my life, but her voice is good enough that I won’t let this petty difference
come between us.

by Sarah Warn

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