Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 18, 2008)

New York-based GO magazine recently named vloggers Jill Bennett, Michelle Paradise and Andrea Meyerson three of "100 Women We Love 2008" in their June/July Pride issue.

Yeah, well, we’re right there with you, GO!

In this annual list, GO presents "women who are changing the world with their art, activism, athletic ability, scholarship, entrepreneurship and political prowess."

In addition to iconic lesbian celebrities such as Lily Tomlin, k.d. lang and Ellen DeGeneres, GO gives props to the many women who are stars in their respective fields: lesbian attorneys, advocates, marketing directors and the hottest founder of a nonprofit raising awareness of violence in the LGBT community you’ll ever see.

Michelle Paradise made the GO list because of her work as the creator, executive producer, writer and star of Logo’s series Exes & Ohs. And when she’s not wearing one of those jaunty hats, Michelle is currently working on a new TV pilot and a feature film script, or chronicling her adventures in TV production land for her eponymous vlog on

Michelle has an unusually large business card. And it’s double-sided.

I asked Michelle how it felt to make this year’s list:

It really is a privilege to be included in the company of women who are doing such amazing and inspiring work in the world. I also love that [they] didn’t just list people who are already in some sort of spotlight — many of the women they selected are just quietly going about doing the things that make their communities (and the world) a better place to live — and cheers to the magazine for giving them the recognition they so deserve.

All Access Pass vlogger Andrea Meyerson made the cut this year for creating the lesbian activity and social networking organization Women on a Roll; her event production company, StandOut Productions; and All Out Films, the documentary production company for the Laughing Matters film series.

Andrea is the up-start of start-ups. Andrea makes me tired just watching her.

When I asked her how it felt to be recognized for her achievements, she could not deny she feels the love, saying, "I’ve always enjoyed reading the ’100 Women We Love’ issue and was thrilled when GO magazine contacted me to let me know that I was included this year. It’s great to be loved!"

GO calls Jill Bennett "queer-themed programming’s ‘it’ girl" because of her lesbian roles in Dante’s Cove, various films and We’re Getting Nowhere. (Note: GO erroneously lists Exes & Ohs in her credits, but they meant a film called X’s and O’s.)

Speaking to GO about the profitability of web-based lesbian programming, Jill challenged advertisers to have some "balls," making her a shoe-in for the 2008 list of "Lesbians Not Afraid to Say the Word ‘Balls’ to an Interviewer."

Jill said she’s "honored to be [on] a list with so many women who have made positive contributions to our community," but adds, "after this list, the NewNowNext Awards and the Hot 100, I just hope next year I’m not on the list of ’100 Women Who Made Lists Last Year Who We Wish Would Just Take a Break Already.’"

GO also named’s managing editor, Grace Moon, on their list. Congratulations, Grace!

For next year’s list, I’d like to nominate Sarah Warn and Malinda Lo. Malinda,’s Managing Editor, is an amazing writer, a smart editor and savvy businesswoman. Sarah, as the creator and Editor-in-Chief of, took a hobby she started in her bedroom and parlayed it into the largest website of its kind on the planet. Not bad for someone with questionable hiring practices.

Sarah interviewing a potential vlogger

[Editor-in-Chief's note: I'd like to nominate Dara Nai, who has parlayed being a smart-ass into a successful career ... as a smart-ass. Now that's a feat!]

by Dara Nai

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