Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 18, 2008)

While I was at the Fox party I also tracked down Olivia Wilde, who plays Dr. Hadley, better known as Thirteen, on House. Last season, Thirteen’s bisexuality was hinted at through a series of jokes about her sexual orientation, so when I spotted Olivia Wilde standing outside the carnival games, I pulled her aside and popped the question. (Not that one!) So, is Thirteen bisexual?
Olivia Wilde: Yes, it was revealed during Season 4 that she’s bisexual.

AE: I felt like they were always kind of toying with it. Is she gonna have a real relationship with someone?
OW: That I can’t tell you, but yeah, they always toy with things on the show, you know. It’s not a soapy show, it’s not about our personal lives, but it is something that pisses off House. He likes things to be in black and white, and the idea that she could be sort of ambiguous and like men and women really irks him. It doesn’t fit into the way he thinks.

Olivia Wilde at the Fox party

AE: So this is your second bisexual role. [Wilde also played bi on The O.C., where her character, Alex, had a relationship with Mischa Barton's Marissa.]

AE: Did you know that Thirteen was gonna be bi when you took this role?
OW: No, no.

AE: Would that have fazed you at all had you known?
OW: No, I’m not afraid of a challenge. Yeah, I mean it’s like I’ve played 10 straight roles and now two bisexual, and it’s good to mix it up a little bit.

AE: I have to warn you that by doing this you’re creating legions of fans.
For me O.C. — it was incredible because I got so many letters from young women saying that I helped them find peace with themselves and with their sexuality, and that makes it all worth it, you know, having anybody find anything meaningful is good.

I also mentioned to Olivia that she is on our Hot 100 this year (she’s at No. 30, having moved up from No. 53 in 2007). Her response? "That’s awesome!"

I couldn’t have said it better.

Yesterday morning I had the chance to ask Brian Frons, the president of ABC Daytime, whether ABC would ever do another lesbian character on a daytime soap. He answered: "Oh, absolutely. In my perfect world, Eden Riegel would come back and be Bianca and we’d go from there. And the only thing stopping us from doing another story right this second is nobody’s pitched one."

Eden Riegel

Photo credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

"So if Eden came back, she’d still be gay?" I prompted (just to make sure).

"She’d still be gay," he confirmed.

Bianca fans, you heard it here first! Who’s starting the letter-writing campaign?

— by Malinda Lo

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