Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 13, 2007)


My new friends from Spain, Ana and Teresa, gave me the rundown on what’s been
happening with the lesbian ladies on the hit Spanish drama Hospital Central
since we last wrote about them
in 2005 (read the Spanish translation of the article here).
Boy, have these women been busy!

Here’s the quick rundown: Maca (Patricia Vico), a pediatrician, and Esther
(Fátima Baeza), a nurse, finally got married, and the ceremony was a
happy one after some initial angst. The following season, the women decided
to have a child, and Maca gave birth to a baby boy she named Pedro. While Maca was on maternity leave, Esther had an affair with a guy at work, and then ended up in an accident at the end of the season.
(See, Esther, that’s what you get for cheating!)

This season started with Esther unexpectedly discovering she was pregnant.
Maca was there for Esther initially, but broke up with her after she got over
the initial shock and grew closer to another female doctor. But Maca eventually
realized she was still in love with Esther and forgave her. When the season
ended this week, they were once again a happy lesbian couple in love, as Esther
gave birth to their second child.

Whew! That’s a lot of drama!

(Non Spanish-speaking fans of HC: discuss the show with other fans here.)

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