Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 13, 2007)

Have you ever wanted to dress up like Seven of Nine? Discuss Dune with
other fans? Debate whether what Natalie Portman did in Star Wars can
truly be considered acting? Then have I got the convention for you! Gaylaxicon 2007,
the "annual international gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & friends
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Gaming Convention" coming to Atlanta
this fall:

OK, I really don’t like the name, but I like the idea of an LGBT sci-fi conference.
Yes, I’ll admit it, I’ve got a little sci-fi geek in me — but c’mon, how
does this not sound fun?

G’con 2007 will feature all the standard con fare: panels, dances, films,
receptions, celebrities, a costume contest, etc. Plus, we’ll be including
all the things that have become a part of the Gaylaxicon tradition: the Chocolate
Symposium, the SF Jeopardy! Game, the Ice Cream Social, and all the rest.
We’ll also have live music, a performance of "Rocky Horror Picture Show",
and many other surprises!

Sci-fi movies and chocolate? Frak it, where do I sign up?!

I just found out about the upcoming movie Feast of Love (due out Sept.
14), which is described as "a meditation on love and its various incarnations,
set within a community of friends in Oregon."
It includes a story line
in which Selma Blair leaves Greg Kinnear for a woman, kicking
off a whole chain of events in poor Greg’s life.

Not entirely sure who plays Selma’s lover in the film, but I think it’s Stana Katic. It’s definitely not Sarah Michelle Gellar,
unfortunately, but let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Now I remember why that won the Best Kiss award at the MTV Movie Awards in
2000 …

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