Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 13, 2007)


While journalistic integrity usually keeps our collective nose here at
out of the tabloids, we would simply be remiss if we didn’t report to you the
biggest "lesbian" "news" item of the day. Star magazine
is reporting that a friend of actress Lindsay Lohan gave them
access to her private account, which included passionate messages
exchanged between Lohan and her alleged girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson
(pictured right).

In her MySpace profile, Lohan reportedly lists her sexual orientation as "bi"
and status as "in a relationship." Ronson and Lohan, who met three
years ago, are said to be embroiled in a heated affair made more tumultuous
by their individual battles with addiction.

Ronson, under the MySpace name "just a tomboy," allegedly told Lohan
that she would quit using crack if Lohan told her she loved her. Then Ronson
wrote that Lohan should be with someone who didn’t cause her so much pain and
who could help her maintain her sobriety.

Star maintains that some of Lohan’s Myspace content is too "explicit"
to reprint, but they did print these quotes from Lohan’s replies to Ronson in
their latest issue:

"Your all I have to live for, babe. I want to marry you and have children
with you. I need you to live?"
"I love you. You love me. Why don’t we **** and make a family?"
"Babe, don’t leave me like this. I ****ING LOVE YOU!"

According to Star, Lindsay sends Samantha a "virtual kiss"
each night, and in one of her messages, Lindsay wrote: "Go to bed babe. I
love you – [signed] Lindsay Ronson."

But the real news here, as we see it, is that some great art might come about
as result of the torrid Lohan/Ronson affair. According to Star,
Lohan is said to be turning her rehab diary — including entries regarding
her affair with Ronson — into a batch of songs for her next CD.

Not since t.A.T.u. has a pop diva’s lesbian status been so publicized!

"God, I don’t know. She was Swedish. They all look like lesbians. You can’t
Chloe Sevigny in the July 16 issue of New York
magazine, on whether an airport security agent who strip-searched her once was
hitting on her

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