Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 11, 2008)

An reader tipped us off to a new music video from 27-year-old Israeli pop singer Shiri Maimon that has been making waves in Israel lately. Titled "Veratziti Shetedee" ("And I Wanted You to Know"), the song is about some tortured emotions that don’t translate well from Hebrew into English. Here’s a sample (kindly translated by said AE reader):

The moonlight is blinding
How did you leave me here alone
And the quiet that you chose for both of us
You were the first to go insane

We didn’t know how hard it is to live with fear
When we wanted to learn
We wanted to do it together
We also gave up on happy endings

It’s not sounding good so far, is it? Well, let me take you through the video itself.

Oh, look! Two cute girls snuggling while driving together. How sweet! (Shiri Maimon is on the left; her brunette companion is played by Israeli actress Noa Paran.)

"OMG, you’re being so reckless!" [cue foreshadowing]

"Man, being reckless is so tiring.
Let’s lie down on this sheet together and, um, rest."

"Hey, WTF?"

"What do you mean WTF?
Didn’t we come out here for a roll in the hay?"

"Fine, just go back to your stupid boyfriend. You know he can never love you like the way I do! I’m the only one."

"What are you doing? There’s a truck coming toward us! A truck! A big freaking semi truck! And Evil Willow’s not driving it!"

Yes, the "scorned lesbian turns psychotic and murders totally heterosexual best friend (and commits suicide)" stereotype is alive and well, folks. Watch it for yourself:

Hey, at least this time the two chicks are totally hot. That’s progress, right?

— by Malinda Lo

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