Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 11, 2008)

You know when Gloria Estefan sang "the rhythm is gonna get you"? Well, it certainly got to Brazilian singers Daniela Mercury and Alinne Rosa, since the pair shared a kiss after singing together onstage last week.

The kiss came during a DVD taping for Rosa’s band Cheiro de Amor (Smell of Love). Mercury, who is one of Brazil’s leading female singers, sang guest vocals with Rosa on "Uma Noite e Meia" ("One and a Half Nights").

Alinne Rosa (left) and Daniela Mercury

The account of the smooch on the Brazilian gossip site Ego called it a "breathtaking kiss." Apparently Mercury was overcome with emotion at the end of the number and kissed Rosa, and Rosa kissed her back. (Hat tip to Carol for the Portuguese translation!)

Paging Madonna and Britney, Madonna and Britney!

The kiss had other Material Girl/Pop Princess overtones thanks to Mercury’s status as a Brazilian icon and Rosa’s as a rising star. Last fall, the Brazilian paper Extra published a report that Mercury was dating a female architect from New York. Last month in a TV interview (warning: it’s in Portuguese) she apparently confirmed the relationship, though she denied the woman was an architect and said she is now dating an Italian businessman.

For more photos of Rosa and Mercury go to the gallery on Ego. If Madge is any indication, we should definitely keep an eye on those two. Who knows, unsuspecting backup dancers could be next.

Hey gays and lesbians, it’s ABC News here. We’ve been searching for new angles on this whole "gay marriage" thingie this week, and we think we’ve come up with the perfect way to show people across America what it’s really all about. Are you ready? Get set. Here it goes: gay trophy spouses!

I know, I know. We’ve really outdone ourselves this time. Look, it’s even made you smile, but don’t smile so big — you’re gnashing your teeth. How terrific is that graphic we ran with the story? You see what we’ve done there? We’ve shrunk Portia de Rossi down to look like a little trophy that Ellen DeGeneres has just won. God, we’re good. The best part is that it’s not offensive at all. Nope, not even one teensy, tiny bit.

I mean, why would anyone get upset over our insinuation that many of the highest-profile gay relationships are based solely on greed and vanity. Like, say, Melissa and Tammy Etheridge or Elton John and David Furnish. Sure, most of the folks we quoted in the article, including’s own John Polly, ended up refuting the idea of trophy spousedom in these gay relationships. But, come on, we already made the graphic.

Your face has gone all red, so you must be about to pass out with gratitude. No, no, please don’t thank us. We’re just doing our jobs reporting the really important news to the world. Our best reward is your enlightenment. Here’s a little teaser for or next gay marriage story: "Who leads? The bride-bride, groom-groom first dance dilemma." It’s a hard-hitting investigative piece sure to garner us many, many awards. I bet you can’t hardly wait.

by Dorothy Snarker

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