Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 4, 2008)


Over here in the States, we can’t get no Satisfaction, the Australian drama about six female sex workers (one of whom is a lesbian). But we are getting some nifty updates on the show thanks to blogger (and new resident of Australia) Jamie Lynn.

This week, Jamie Lynn gave us her analysis of the show via email:

Ever wondered what would happen if Jenny Schecter took up sex work for creative inspiration? In an Australian brothel? Me neither, but some Australian writer appears to have channeled Ilene Chaiken for episode five of Satisfaction. Meet Tippi (Bojana Novakovic), a young woman putting herself through adult education courses by working at a brothel.

Her favorite class? Creative writing, natch. Sure, she writes about her own clients — we’re treated to creepy flashbacks worthy of The L Word. No circuses yet, though one might argue Tippi’s job qualifies. But Tippi’s masterpiece is yet to come: She’s been taking notes about the women who work beside her. (Hey, sometimes that’s literal.)

Names are slightly changed, but it’s obvious to them all who’s wearing the "clichéd underwear." The lesbian character, Heather (Peta Sergeant), is “The cynical firebrand who likes her men in a frozen state.” Paging Miss Schecter — some girl in Australia is channeling your overwrought adjectives. Heather’s response is worthy of Bette at her crankiest: "We’ll make a deal with you, Holly-go-lightly. We won’t rip your tits off if you tell us who’s who."

I won’t get into the rest of the truths uncovered in this episode (entitled, rather obviously, “Truth”). Suffice to say that one of the Tippi’s truths involves making a Freudian taboo a little more literal than I’m comfortable with. “Daddy” on this show has so many definitions.

Daddy issues? That is so 2007. 2008 is all about sisters. And brothers. Just ask Penelope Cruz.

Comedian and’s latest victim vlogger Bridget McManus is back by popular demand after making a couple of guest appearances on our We’re Getting Nowhere vlog.

Starting this weekend, Bridget will have her own weekly vlog, Brunch With Bridget, in which she and her guest(s) will discuss current events, review movies, have pillow fights and talk about anything else that might creep into that deliciously demented brain of hers.

Look for the first episode to be posted on this Sunday at 10 a.m. ET.

And if the promise of topics like "movies" and "current events" aren’t enough to lure you in, you can always check out Brunch With Bridget to see what jammies she’ll be wearing, as she’ll be taping the vlog from her bed — and even guests are required to wear PJs.

Yeah, I thought so. See you on Sunday!

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